5 Ways Discomfort Can Explode Your Personal Growth

It is quite a paradox that the things we strive for in life are the things that can stifle our growth. The endless pursuit for success is driven by our need for comfort, security and certainty.

More success is equated to more comfort, which is very true in one aspect. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with wanting more comfort in life because when we’re comfortable, with our basic needs met, we’re more likely to be creative. Creativity can lead to new and better results, which in turn, can provide more comfort and certainty.

The concern is once we get too comfortable, it can cause us to not challenge ourselves. When we’re uncomfortable, that’s when we’re really tested.

It’s important to know how and why discomfort has an effect on us because we tend to grow in many aspects when we’re outside our comfort zone. If we’re not growing as a person, part of us will feel stagnant, lacking direction or purpose, and it can also affect our level of thinking and our emotions. These all have an effect on the types of results we achieve.


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How To Avoid Thinking In Reverse In Order To Achieve More

As progressive human beings, we are programmed to want more — more happiness, more success, better health or better relationships. If that is an innate part of who we are, then why do so few people achieve what they really want?

Throughout human history, all the great leaders, all the great teachers, all those who achieved noteworthy success have disagreed on many things however there is one thing they’ve all agreed on — we become what we think about.

Our awareness of how we think and what we think about is the starting point of why we get the results we do. In order to get different results, we must be willing and able to change how we think.

The problem is we’ve been conditioned to think in reverse and most of the time, we’re not aware that’s how we think.


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Why You Fail To Complete Things And How To Overcome It

Consider this scenario — you’ve just been made aware of something new, like a new venture or project, or you have a new goal, which gets you all excited. You start off great, with lots of energy and enthusiasm only for it to decline after a few days, and within a couple of weeks, all that excitement and enthusiasm is gone.

And you do what you do regularly — you abandon the project or goal.

Has that ever happened to you? If you’re like most of us, that scenario has played out way too often for our liking. It’s time to get this handled.

Knowing why we typically don’t finish things or projects is important because every time we fail to complete something we start, it:

  • Causes us frustration and humiliation.
  • Enhances our reputation as someone who cannot be trusted to complete things.
  • Lowers our self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Decreases our integrity especially with ourself.


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5 Simple Ways To Overcome Failure Quickly

Have you ever noticed we tend to be our biggest critic? Whenever things don’t go as expected or as planned, it is very easy to label them as failures and criticise ourselves.

While we intellectually understand failure is an inevitable part of life, some of us go to great lengths to avoid failure in the first place. It may well be because of the pain, embarrassment or shame we associate with failure.

Holding onto thoughts of failure or even labelling ourselves as failures can be very damaging to our self-esteem, self-confidence and what we’re willing to do at present or in the future. This is why being able to move past what we think of as failures is extremely important if we want to create a different reality for ourselves.


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How To Avoid Being Exposed To Negativity

Negativity is all around us! As much as we’d like to have a positive outlook on things, it can be challenging at times when there is so much around us that thrives on negativity.

Consider the things we may read on the internet, in newspapers or watch on television — most of it focuses on negative things. If we are not intentionally doing things to shield ourselves from negativity, it can:

  • Influence our outlook on things.
  • Demotivate us.
  • Change our perception about something or someone adversely.
  • Cause us to be negative, sometimes without even realising it.
  • Decrease our ability to get things done.


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5 Easy Ways To Overcome Procrastination That Will Make You More Productive

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. How much time do you think you waste procrastinating or delaying what you need to do?

Whenever we procrastinate, not only do we let ourselves down, we also let others down, especially when they are expecting us to do something.

Procrastination does more harm than good so it’s time to put an end to it. If we manage to put effective strategies in place, not only will we get more things done, we’ll also find that we have more time to focus on the things that are important to us.


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7 Lies That Are Destroying Your Chances For Greater Success And More Happiness

We all have been told lies. Some lies become our beliefs that can either empower us, slow us down or hold us back from doing what we want to.

Unfortunately, for beliefs that are disempowering us, they may have originated from lies we were told, either when we were young or as we were growing up. These lies may not have been intentionally told to us but they could be having a real effect on how we live our lives.

If we are able to recognise these lies then we’ll be able to do something to overcome them. If we don’t become aware of these lies, it’s highly likely that these lies, which may now be our beliefs, will continue to sabotage our ability to achieve the success we want.


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How To Prevent Distractions And Interruptions The Easy Way

There has never been a time in human history where we have been more distracted than we are right now.

The distraction and interruption options are endless — we have mobile devices, social media, 500+ television channels, instant messaging services, and the list goes on and on.

The challenge for most of us today is being able to be as effective and productive as possible amidst all the distractions and interruptions we face. It’s not that we don’t have the ability to focus better, it’s that it’s so much easier to caught up in the distractions and interruptions because we don’t have strategies in place to manage or prevent our distractions and interruptions.


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5 Benefits Of Staying Connected To A Like-Minded Community

It has often been said that our network determines our net worth. Having a strong network or like-minded community is a principle of success.

Throughout history, anyone who has achieved any noteworthy success will almost always attribute some aspect of their success to others, in particular, those in their circle of influence. Therefore, being aware of why having a strong like-minded community is beneficial can motivate us to get involved with different communities, and also encourage those close to us to do the same.


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A Simple 21-Day Challenge For Feeling The Best You Have Ever Felt

Our emotions control how we behave, along with what we are or not willing to do. When we experience positive emotions, that is, when we are feeling good, we are more likely to have create better experiences and enjoy life more.

Being able to manage our emotions is vital because our emotions influences our mood, our attitude, and our ability to be creative at any given time. When we’re not feeling our best, we generally tend to be down and not in a creative state.

The good news is we’re always in control of our emotions, not matter what the circumstances or what we experience. If we’re intentional in what we do each day, we can put ourselves in a highly empowered state, and also have a great experience of life.


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