How To Stay Focused On Your Most Important Things In Life

The power of focus has been an important lesson I’ve learned in life. Our focus creates our reality. It is very easy to determine what we have been focused on — all we have to do is to look at our results.

Our results reflect the types of thoughts we’ve been having and what we have been giving attention to. If we want to change our results, we must change what we are focusing on.

This concept of focus resonated withe me so much that I named my business, Focused On…®. I knew that people’s ability to get better at focusing on the things they do was the ket to improving all aspects of their lives.

When I started writing my first book, Hoops and Freedom, it was the only thing I focused on at that time. I had left my management career so I had all the time I needed to focus on my writing.


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10 Poor Thoughts That Will Crush Your Biggest Dreams In Life

It is quite a strange thing that even though we all have dreams in life, so few of us pursue our dreams fully. Some people may attempt something but when they face challenges or suffer setbacks, they quickly give up on their dreams.

Most times, it is what is going on internally that affects what we are willing to do in order to achieve our dreams. And it all starts with our thoughts.

Poor or negative thoughts affect us in many ways including:

  • It causes us to miss seeing opportunities around us.
  • It affects our energy and motivation levels.
  • It affects our emotional and physical well-being.

Whenever we’re in a negative state, it is easier to experience high levels of stress. Things also feel heavier and it often takes longer to get things done.


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5 Simple Things You Must Banish Now To Move Forward

Whenever we feel we are not moving forward in life, it has an effect on our mental and emotional state, and how we interact with others.

Our desire to progress, whether it is toward our projects or goals, is often affected by things we may not always be aware of. Oftentimes, it has to do with our mindset, which in turn, affects our behaviours.

When I first started my personal development journey, one challenge I found initially was finding the time to dedicate to learning. At that time, I had a full-time management job which consumed a significant amount of my time during the week. When I analysed how I was spending my time, I realised that I was spending up to eight hours per week travelling to and from work.


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5 New Valuable Insights From My Latest Personal Quarterly Offsite

Three months ago, I went away for my first ever Personal Quarterly Offsite and found it extremely beneficial so I made a commitment to myself to continue doing it every 90 days or so.

I recently returned from my latest personal getaway and received some new insights, which I believe will help me close out this year on a good note. One thing I kept the same as my last getaway was I went away for two nights and returned home on a Sunday.

The things I did differently this time included:

  • Chose a better location which allowed me to feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Paid more attention to what I ate while I was away.
  • Maintained my rituals or routines which included doing something physical each day.

In the weeks leading up to my getaway, I really felt I needed a break because I had been juggling many priorities and trying to keep on top on things. Needless to say, it had been a struggle so having some time away was just what I needed.


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How To Revive A Stuck Project The Easy Way

Do you have a project that you cannot seem to get any momentum going with it? Is it a project that, no matter how much effort you put in, you cannot get it moving forward?

You’re not alone. We all occasionally get stuck on the projects we are trying to finish. Projects can take various forms. It may include:

  • Writing a new book.
  • Starting a new business.
  • Creating a plan to leave a job.
  • Creating an online course.
  • Developing a new product.
  • Designing a new website.
  • Rebranding a business.

We often come up with all kinds of reasons why a project may be stuck. It could be not having the right resources, not having the time, lacking motivation, or not knowing what to do next.

The truth is there is always something that can be done to revive a project.


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5 Relationships To Avoid Now That Will Be Painful Later

The quality of our life is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships. The relationships we have with others says a lot about who we are.

I remember a mentor once saying that a personal relationship usually brings up our unresolved issues from the past a lot faster than not being in a relationship. It is something we cannot avoid unless we choose to live a life excluded from other people.

There are three core relationships we all have, which are with:

  1. Ourselves.
  2. Others.
  3. The world.

These three types of relationships determine all of our experiences in life. Unless we have strong, healthy relationships, it can be extremely difficult to have a joyful and fulfilled life. Life is about our relationships.


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10 Things You Absolutely Should Never Justify To Others

One of our greatest gifts is that we’re all different and have the ability to choose what’s best for us.

As we are responsible for creating the life we want, the choices we make has an effect on the people in our lives. Sometimes our choices can cause others to be angry, disappointed or let down. They may even try and make us feel guilty about the choices we have made.

If others try to make us feel guilty, we may end up trying to justify why we’ve made the choices we have.

There are some situations which require us to explain the reasons for our decisions. For example, someone in a business may have to justify some of their decisions. Most times, there shouldn’t be a need for us to justify our choices and preferences.


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How To Know You Are Successful Even If You Do Not Think You Are

It is quite common for us to feel less successful and not give ourselves credit for the things we have achieved. The pressure we feel to achieve more can have some serious consequences.

If we are always chasing the next success, it can:

  • Cause us to feel we’re not enough especially if we start comparing our results to others.
  • Erode our confidence and motivation levels.
  • Generate unnecessary pressure to try and do and achieve more.

We must change our mindset around what we deem success to be for us.


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7 Signs Now Is The Perfect Time To Make A Major Change

One of our inherent human desires is to continuously seek more in life, whether it is more joy, more happiness, more success, better health or better relationships.

When we are growing or making progress in life, that’s when we feel most alive and have a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem.

When we feel we are not making forward progress, it can:

  • Affect the way we interact with others.
  • Cause us to have a low level of optimism.
  • Affect our mood, which in turn, can affect the experiences we have each day.

As making progress is built in to who we are and how we function, we typically shouldn’t have to wait for signs to inform us that it’s time to move forward in life.


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7 Helpful Reminders That Will Transform How You Think

There is one thing we cannot escape from and that is our thoughts. It has been estimated that an adult has between 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, with most of them habitual thoughts.

In order to change our reality, we must transform how we think. Awareness of our current thoughts is usually the starting point of any transformation.

If we’re able to intentionally direct our thoughts to the outcomes we want, our whole experience of life will start to change.

A true indication of the types of thoughts we think is reflected in our results. If we are not getting the results we want, it is a good indication that we have to start changing our thoughts and what we’re giving attention to.


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