10 Compliments That Will Increase Trust With Other People

It’s always nice when someone gives us an unexpected compliment. Hearing others say nice things about us can increase our self-esteem and also give our confidence a tremendous boost.

There is an old saying that if you observe something nice about someone, do not keep it a secret. In other words, it will be more valuable to pass on a compliment to another person rather than keeping it to ourselves.

If we enjoy receiving compliments, then others must also enjoy receiving them. Think back to the last time you received an unexpected compliment — did you like the person who gave you the compliment even more?

Chances are if others give us praise or compliments consistently, we’ll have a greater level of respect and trust for them.

I remember I once received a compliment from a direct report when I was managing a manufacturing operations site for helping him get familiar with the business when he first started his role.

That compliment made me recognise that sometimes the smallest gestures, which we may not think much of, can make a huge difference to someone else. It also resulted in us having a very good working relationship as we built up a high level of trust and respect over time.

How to appreciate others

We all want to be appreciated and giving compliments is one way we can appreciate those who play a key role in our lives.

In the past, there have been times when I’ve struggled to come up with the right words to say to someone when I’ve wanted to give them a compliment. Knowing what to say and how to say can be quite valuable because we want our compliments to be sincere and genuine, and also reflect what we really want to say.

Here are ten compliments we can practice giving to others which will certainly make us and the person receiving the compliment feel good. If we want to get more compliments, we must be willing to give out more compliments.

  1. You consistently go the extra mile. This not only acknowledges a person for what they have done, it will also help motivate them to want to continue doing things above and beyond what is expected of them.
  2. I admire the attitude you have. Our attitude is everything. When we say something nice about someone else’s attitude, it is like being validated that we’re actually a nice person.
  3. I love how you were able to help [Jim] through [his] challenges. One of our inherit desires in life is to help others so when we’re acknowledged for doing so, it gives us such a boost and makes us want to help others even more.
  4. You’re really well dressed today. I personally give a lot of compliments to people about their appearance and how they present themselves. I find that how a person dresses is often a reflection of their self-worth and self-confidence.
  5. You do set a great example for others around you. This is often a reflection of someone’s leadership ability and their ability to be a role model. At the end of the day, we are role models and we all want to do the best we can at all times.
  6. You’re always willing help out. Again, acknowledging someone’s ability to be generous to others can be extremely motivating and can cause them to even sacrifice things in order to continue helping others.
  7. You do walk your talk. Our ability to be congruent and keep our agreements is one of the most important things we can do to build trust with others. Our identity will receive such a boost when we are seen as being genuine and sincere.
  8. You like to make others smile and laugh. Laughter is contagious and can often make a gloomy situation better. Being able to laugh out loud can be a stress relief as well so those who have the ability to make light of a situation should be complimented.
  9. Thanks for being there for me. Often, just knowing that someone has our back can be very reassuring and comforting. If there is someone like that in our life, we should certainly thank them for being a constant support for us.
  10. You make others raise their standards. This compliment implies that a person is continuously challenging themselves to get better, which in turn, is inspiring others to do the same as well. Being acknowledged for raising the bar is a great compliment to receive.

Often, we don’t know what others are going through at any given moment. Saying something nice can be exactly what they need to hear at that given moment and can literally transform their life. We never really know what impact positive words can have on others until we let them know. The simple rule is, “If you see something good in another person, be generous and let them know about it.” You will make their day!

Action Step: Within the next 24 hours, give someone a compliment that has recently had a positive effect on you. Make it a daily practice to appreciate and acknowledge others.

Question: What can be another compliment we can give others to help us gain more trust with them?

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