10 Compliments That Will Make a Person Feel Good

Fri Dec 15, 2017

We love to receive compliments, especially when we’re having a bad day or struggling with something. A simple compliment can instantly change the mood we’re in.

The challenge people face is knowing what to say regularly so that giving compliments becomes a habit. As one of the laws of the universe states that in order to receive, we must be willing to give first.

People respond differently to compliments so it’s important to know when a compliment is appropriate and when it’s not. One of my mentors often says people are walking around with a sticker on their foreheads that says, “Please appreciate me.”

The best compliments are often the ones least expected and expressed with authenticity. I remember many years ago, I was enrolled in a Business Management course, and one activity the students had to complete was to create a business plan based on the products and services they offered.

As I was still very new to business, I didn’t really know what I would offer, so I created a matrix of products and services based on what I wanted to offer in the future, some of them many years down the track. At that time, I didn’t really know any better.

How to compliment a friend

Compliments that will make someone’s day

The trainer of the course reviewed each person’s plan and out of the about twenty plans, she singled mine out in front of the class. She complimented me for being thorough and thoughtful about my plan for the future and encouraged others to do something similar for their businesses.

That small compliment remained with me for a long time and also gave me confidence I could have a go at creating the business I wanted based on the products and services I identified.

10 Compliments That Can Brighten a Person’s Day

  1. You look very smart/happy/relaxed today.
  2. You always have a positive attitude. Variation of this may be, “You always see the bright side of things.”
  3. That shirt/top/dress looks good on you.
  4. Thanks for being a great example or role model to others. Variation of this may be, “You’re never too busy for those who matter most to you.”
  5. You have a nice smile.
  6. You deserve the (insert role or title) of the Year Award. Examples of roles or titles may be Employee, Mother, Father, Leader, Team Member, etc.
  7. Thanks for going the extra mile or thanks for being there when I needed help.
  8. You’re a great listener. Variations of this may be, “You’re a great friend, mother, father, boss, manager, etc.”
  9. When I grow up, I want to be like you. Variation of this may be, “You inspire me to be better.”
  10. I’m glad we’re friends.

Spoken words have power and it’s up to us to use them as best as we can. The more compliments we give, the more we’ll get back. We should always be generous with our compliments and shouldn’t underestimate how much they can impact a person’s life.

Action Step: Set an intention to give out at least one compliment daily and notice the difference it makes to how you experience your days. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Question: What are other compliments that will make a person feel good?


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