10 Difficult Choices You Need To Make To Achieve More Success

While we all have different definitions of what success means to us, there are common things, if done well, will eventually lead to the results we are looking for.

We often can shorten the path to success by learning from those who have achieved the success we want because success does leave clues. If we study people who have achieved notable success, we will find a number of things in common with them.

One of those things will be they made many difficult decisions or choices in life, which may have been unpopular at the time, but it eventually helped them reach the level of success they wanted.

It is important to grasp this idea because in order to get new results, we have to be willing to do things we have not done before. Some of those things may involve letting go of some of the things that are currently holding us back and preventing us from achieving the success we want.

How to achieve more success

The concept of letting go of things that are playing out in our lives right now can be challenging, however it is aligned to one of the laws of success, which is the law of sacrifice. The law of sacrifice states that in order to receive something of a higher nature, we must be willing to give up or let go of something of a lower nature.

This does not necessarily mean we are losing or missing out on something right now. It simply means that we know what we want (the success we are seeking) and what we need to do in order to achieve it. Sometimes that will mean letting go or not doing things that are not currently serving us.

The more things we can identify that are not serving us and if we’re willing to let them go, the faster we will be able to achieve the success we want. Some of these things will require us to make difficult choices, which may cause some short-term discomfort, but if we stay on course, we will eventually achieve the success we want.

Here are 10 difficult choices we may need to make, especially if we are not currently achieving the success we want, so that we can release the things that are holding us back and create the results we want with a lot less effort and stress.

  1. Be around people who have achieved the results you want. One of the fastest ways to success is to model those who have done what we want to achieve. As we typically achieve the same type of results as the five people we spend the most time with, in order to elevate our results, it makes sense to be around those who have gotten the type of results we want.
  2. Invest more in yourself. Our results are a reflection of the awareness, skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviours we currently have. If we want to achieve more success, we will be required to learn more and invest time in acquiring new knowledge and insights. Investing in ourselves may involve reading new books, attending new training programs or workshops or getting a coach.
  3. Acknowledge what is really going on for you. Sometimes we just get into cycles, which we repeat over and over again, without stopping to reflect on what is going on for us and what we are really working towards. Acknowledging that we are struggling can be the trigger to turn things around and start doing new things.
  4. Remove toxic or negative people from your life. Whenever we try to do something different in our lives, those who are content to be where they are may feel threatened or will not want to be left behind if we move onto new and better things. This may result in them trying to question what we are doing or even ridicule or discourage us. It is up to us to ignore the naysayers and not buy into their opinions of us. We may even have to take drastic measures and not associate with those who do not want to support us.
  5. Challenge your beliefs. We all have beliefs which are causing us to create the results we are getting. If we are not achieving the success we want, chances are we have old beliefs playing out that may be limiting us or slowing our progress. If we’re willing to challenge our beliefs and adopt new beliefs that are aligned with where we want to go, more success will be inevitable.
  6. Develop skills and behaviours you don’t currently have. Getting to new levels of success will require us to develop new awareness, skills, behaviours and habits. This is tied in with investing more in ourselves. New results will demand new things from us, which will only strengthen our ability to deal with new challenges as we achieve more success.
  7. Do things you have not done previously. It is common sense that in order to get a new result, we have to take new actions. In order to do things differently, we have to be willing to listen to our inner voice, which is always guiding us in the right direction. As we take new actions, we have to be willing to be uncomfortable as we go through the process.
  8. Let go of your previous failures. We’ve all experienced failures and rather than let those failures dictate what we can or cannot do, we must be willing to learn from those failures and let them go. Every failure teaches us valuable lessons, which we can use as we move towards the result or success we want to achieve.
  9. Be willing to ask more. As part of doing things we have not done before, we have to be willing to ask more often and ask more intelligently in order to help us reach the success we want a lot easier. Obviously, there has to be a balance between how much we ask and how much we give to others when we are asked for help. There is a natural principle of the universe that states the more we give, the more we shall receive.
  10. Do not be attached to how you are going to achieve the success you want. Oftentimes, we get so caught up doing things in certain ways that we sometimes miss other opportunities or resources that may be available to us to reach the success we want a lot easier and faster. We always have to remind ourselves that there are many ways we can get to our destination and we shouldn’t be attached to a single way.

If we want to achieve more success, we must be willing to make some difficult decisions or choices. If we don’t, we will achieve results at the same level as we have been up until now, and it is highly unlikely we will achieve the success we truly want.

Action Step: From the list above, make one difficult choice this week and monitor your behaviour and results for the next 30 days. Once you are satisfied, choose another thing until you have done as may things from the list as you think are relevant to you.

Question: What is another difficult choice we may need to make if we want to achieve more success?

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