10 Easy Ways to Cheer Yourself Up When You Have a Bad Day

Tue Dec 5, 2017

We all have days where we’d rather curl up and stay in bed, or rewind the clock and start the day all over again.

Sometimes things can happen that are unexpected or beyond our control, which can affect our mental and emotional state. The more things we have in our toolbox to deal with bad days, the quicker we’ll change how we are feeling and experience joy again.

In recent times, it seems like the world is going through a period of high levels of pessimism, negativity and a lack of acceptance or tolerance for different values, beliefs, rights or points of views. On news or social media, there are stories of terrorism, gun violence, domestic violence, misuse of political power, etc., and it can be easy to feel angry, upset, sad or depressed.

While we may not always be able to impact things going on in the world, we’re always in control of our attitude and how we choose to respond to events happening in our lives. One of the best things we can do is to try to cheer ourselves up and experience joy in any moment.

How to cheer someone up after a bad day

How to cheer yourself up

10 Ways You Can Cheer Yourself up When You Have a Bad Day

  1. Switch your attention to gratitude. No matter how difficult things may be, there is always something to be appreciative or grateful for. Being grateful will cause us to focus on what’s good rather than what’s not going right, and the more we focus on something, the more of that experience we will create.
  2. Watch something funny. There isn’t a shortage of things we can watch quickly online to have a quick laugh. Laughter is linked to the healthy function of blood vessels, which lowers our chances of getting a heart attack. Laughter also improves our heart rate and the production of certain antibodies, which strengthens our immune system. Laughter is good for our physical and mental health.
  3. Speak to someone. We need a cheerleader who can pick us up when we’re down and help us see things from different perspectives. If we want to cheer ourselves up, it’s best if it’s someone we know, like and trust, who has our best interests at heart.
  4. Get to the core of what you’re feeling. Sometimes our emotions are masks for other things that may be going on for us. If we routinely get upset or feel down when something external happens, that’s a good indication there are other issues we need to address, which can help us change how we deal with events or experiences in our lives.
  5. Go through your list of successes. The assumption here is we’ve created a list of successes we’ve had in life. Reviewing our list of successes will give our self-confidence and self-esteem a boost and also help us deal with whatever is going on around us the best we can.
  6. Move your body. Physiology is closely linked with our emotional state. The better we engage our bodies, we better we will feel most of the time. Things we can do include exercising, going for a walk, dancing, singing or just doing some simple stretches.
  7. Treat yourself to something nice. This may include having a massage, beauty or spa treatment, or buying something we can afford without being irresponsible. This can also include watching a movie or show, listening to music or playing games.
  8. Have your favourite food. The caveat here is it’s best if it’s something healthy or good for us. Having high-sugar or high-calorie food may not be the most intelligent option. As food is essential to our daily well-being, treating ourselves to something nice can help us feel better.
  9. Spend time on your hobbies. Most times, doing the things we love brings us joy. It could be playing sports, doing activities like cooking, signing, painting, writing, meditating, etc. The more time we dedicate to the things that bring us joy, the more joy we will experience.
  10. Shift your focus from yourself to someone else. We can take the focus off how we are feeling to doing something for someone else like sending them a “Thank You” note or email. Seeing joy in others often gives us great joy as well. We can also help out someone in need or struggling.

It’s never a good thing to go through life feeling down, upset, critical, pessimistic or unmotivated. We can always change how we feel by choosing to do different things. The things suggested here are a good starting point whenever we have a bad day so we can quickly experience joy again.

Action Step: Next time you are having a bad day or feeling down, refer to the things above to shift your attention to what you can do to experience joy again.

Question: What is something else we can do to cheer ourselves up when we have a bad day?


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