10 Empowering Beliefs to Install That Will Transform Your Life

Fri Sep 26, 2014

We all have beliefs. Our beliefs are the filter through which we see ourselves, others and the world.

Our beliefs can either empower us or they can limit us. Our actions are usually in line with our beliefs.

Our beliefs are the meaning we give certain things. The challenge is most of us weren’t taught how to install new beliefs or we do not intentionally choose the beliefs we want to have.

It really comes down to awareness and choice — if we’re aware our beliefs aren’t empowering us to create the experiences we want in life, we have the choice to change them and install new empowering beliefs.

how to change beliefs

changing limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs


To have any major breakthroughs in life, we must change our beliefs because that’s where it starts. Whatever we have going on inside of us is expressed as results in our external world.

10 Beliefs That Will Transform Your Life

Here are ten beliefs that are empowering, motivating and will have a positive effect on the results or experiences we create.

  1. Failure is a necessary step on the journey to success. The only time we really fail is when we quit. Therefore, if we adopt the belief that there is no failure, only lessons to be learned, then it will help us when we’re faced with temporary setbacks.
  2. Even though I may not be seeing the results I want, I know it’s happening. In his book, “You Squared,” Price Pritchard wrote, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of their absence.” This means results may not show up when we want them to, but we need to realise they’re in the process of happening.
  3. It’s never about what I know, it’s about what I do with what I know. Acquiring more knowledge may not always be the answer. The best education we can get is to act on what we do and receive feedback based on the results we produce. It’s the feedback from our change in results that’s really the learning experience.
  4. I create my own luck. It’s been said luck is when preparation and opportunity meet. If you have a vision of where you want to be and do the necessary work to make your vision a reality, you’ll be amazed by the opportunities you attract. And don’t be surprised if other people call you “lucky.”
  5. The only limitations I have are the limitations in my mind. Often, when we embark on a new journey or set a new goal, the unknown can cause us to doubt ourselves and question whether what we want is actually possible. By recognising that for every challenge or problem, there is a solution, then only thing that will limit us is the thoughts we have towards our problems.
  6. My intuition is never wrong. We all have hunches or inklings about things — whether we should do or not do something. It’s sometimes called our gut feeling or sixth sense. That’s our intuition telling us what we need to hear. Once we trust our intuition, we’ll have more confidence to act according to our intuition.
  7. If I truly want something, I will find a way. Our commitment is often tested when we’re moving towards our desires. If we’re committed, we’ll always find a way, because it’s never about the resources we have, it’s about how resourceful we are at any given time.
  8. If in doubt, check it out. A negative emotion is often feedback for us to go within and be quiet. There may be something we need to be aware or hear, so as mentioned before, being able to tune into our intuition is a skill that will serve us tremendously.
  9. Our rewards are directly proportional to the actions we take. If we also adopt the belief that everything happens for a reason and what we create in life is a result of the actions we take, we shouldn’t be unhappy with what we experience in life. Ultimately, we’re responsible for creating our reality so the more actions we can take towards what we want in life, the more rewards we’ll have.
  10. Every day I’m alive and well is a gift. The more grateful we are for the life we have, the more things we’ll be given to be grateful for. Being able to appreciate what we have rather than focus on what’s missing, comes down to our level of awareness.

Having strong empowering beliefs makes such a big difference in creating the life we want. By adopting these beliefs and internalising them, you’ll transform your life in a powerful way. If you need to replace a current belief, use one of these and see the difference.

Question: What is an empowering belief that has changed your life in some way?


  1. Pete Winiarski

    Neel, this is a wonderful post filled wiht tons of inspirational material. Number 4 and 5 are my favorites. I hope that this post spreads like wildfire because it is great!

    • Neel Raman

      Glad you enjoyed this post Pete! I agree that these beliefs are so important for creating the outcomes we want. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Jane Ransom

    My fave is #4. Awesome list!!!

    • Neel Raman

      Thanks Jane! I’m glad you found this post beneficial and I also like #4!

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