10 Enemies That Will Crush Your Greatness Every Day

We all do things everyday that are effortless to us, while at the same time, others may find those things challenging.

The things we do easily are often clues to our greatness.

The truth is we all have greatness within us however, we’ve had experiences that has caused us to hide or suppress our greatness.

The concept of greatness is important because when we are expressing it every day, we feel alive, have a sense of purpose, feel significant and have a positive outlook on life.

things that affect our greatness

When we are not fully expressing our greatness, it can:

  • Stifle our creativity.
  • Impact the quality of our work.
  • Deplete our energy level.
  • Cause us to feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

This is why knowing the things that can affect our ability to share our greatness with others is important.

Here are ten things or enemies, as I like to call them, that can crush or destroy our greatness every day. Once we’re aware of these things, we’ll be in a much better position to do something about them when they do come up.

  1. Failing to trust your intuition. We all have hunches, inklings, or “gut feelings” all the time, however we may not always know what they mean. This results in us not listening to our inner voice, and we can often miss out on new opportunities or insights on how to overcome a challenge we may be experiencing.
  2. Not believing in yourself. Our beliefs dictate the results we produce in life. If we don’t have a strong belief, it will affect our confidence, self-esteem and our willingness to challenge ourselves. Our belief is often strengthen by surviving risks and by achieving new results by taking new actions.
  3. Letting the opinions of others affect the choices we make. There is one thing we all have and that is our ability to choose — from what we want to do in life, to the small decisions we make daily like what we wear and what we want to eat. When we start letting others affect our ability to choose what we really want, we start settling for less than what we want or even deserve. One motto to live by is, “What others think of me is none of my business.”
  4. Hanging onto regrets and resentments from the past. It is very hard to move forward if we are still hanging onto the past. Regrets, unresolved issues, conflicts and resentments all imply we’re still in the past rather than focusing on where we want to go. Knowing how to let go of things we cannot change now will certainly help us step more into our greatness.
  5. Always taking the easy path. While our natural preference is to want things to be easy, that is very rarely the case. When we consistently take the easy way, we do not put ourselves in situations where we are challenging ourselves or developing our ability to deal with new challenges. The only way we build our mental muscles is the same way we build our physical muscles — by putting them under stress or resistance. Always taking the easy path is not a healthy long term strategy.
  6. Making decisions based on whether we know how to do something. If all the greatest innovators or inventors of the world did something if only when they knew how to do so, then there is a high probability that a lot of the things we take for granted today may not even exist. If has often been said that how to do something is the universe’s responsibility, whereas knowing what we want our responsibility.
  7. Comparing your results to someone who has achieved unusual success. While comparing ourselves to others can be a way to motivate ourselves, it can also have a detrimental effect to our self-esteem and confidence. We must form the habit of comparing our results with our previous results, and where we are in relation to where we want to go.
  8. Allowing challenges to overpower you. Challenges are an inevitable part of life. We can either learn from our challenges or we can let them restrict our progress. Our level of personal growth is directly proportional to our ability to cope with different types of challenges. We truly step into our greatness when we can overcome challenges and be a stronger person as a result of it.
  9. Making a problem to be bigger than what it really is. A valuable lesson we can all learn is to view problems on their merit and for what they are. We should never make our problems seem bigger than they really are nor should we underestimate its severity. Every problem is often unique to us and should be dealt with accordingly.
  10. Not believing it is possible for you. This can be a big one for most people. It is so easy to admire someone else’s success and think it is only possible for them. If someone has achieved something we want to as well, that’s evidence that it is possible for us too. We may have to take a different path and our results may not be at the same level as that person, however the lesson we should take is it’s possible for us to achieve the success we really want.

If we can address these enemies whenever they arise, not only will we start expressing our greatness more fully, we will also develop the capacity to deal with whatever comes our way. If we don’t address these, then chances are we won’t fully own our greatness and have the experiences we truly desire.

Action Step: Reflect on which of these enemies you have allowed to affect your greatness and why. Now decide on what you are willing to do to address it.

Question: What are some other enemies that can also crush our greatness?

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