10 Important Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

Fri Mar 13, 2015

We’re attracted to people we deem to be mentally strong. There is something about them which makes them composed, level-headed and admirable.

Throughout history, the people we admire as leaders and as trend setters have all overcome insurmountable odds and achieved things that at one time may seemed impossible.

What are the characteristics mentally strong people possess?

Becoming aware of these characteristics is important because once we know what they are, we can apply them and improve all aspects of our lives.

how to be mentally strong

characteristics of mentally strong people


Someone who I admire as being a mentally strong person is Mahatma Ghandi. The qualities he possessed inspired millions of people to fight for civil rights and freedom. Not only did his actions affect the future of a country, he created a movement which altered the course of history, which will continue to be talked about for generations to come.

10 Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

Here are ten important characteristics of mentally strong people which enables them to bring the best out of themselves and others, and elevate themselves as people to be trusted and followed.

  1. They do not allow other people’s opinions to hinder their progress. They live by the motto that other people’s opinions of them are none of their business. Others don’t dictate or control what they can or will do.
  2. They see change as a necessary part of life. They don’t avoid change. Instead, they welcome change and can adapt to new situations and experiences.
  3. They see failure as a learning experience. They recognise failure is an ingredient of success. Instead of looking at an experience as a failure, they’re able to learn from it, extract the lessons they need to, and make better decisions next time they’re in a similar situation.
  4. They are able to let go of the little things. Instead of holding onto disappointments, resentments or frustrations, they’re able to accept those experiences for what they were, and release any negative emotions they have toward those things. They also do not get caught in things that are not important or related to the overall vision of their life.
  5. They are not afraid to face the truth. At times, things may not progress as well as they’d like so they’re willing to find the reasons why that may be the case and take responsibility for changing it, even if the truth is painful.
  6. They believe they have total control of their results. They know the outside world doesn’t dictate what they can or can’t do. They have an inner drive which allows them to focus on where they want to go in life, and on the results they want to create.
  7. They celebrate the success of others. Instead of resenting other people’s successes, they appreciate and celebrate their successes because they know that if it’s possible for others, it’s also possible for them.
  8. They are willing to ask for support. They know it takes courage to ask for help if they’re going through a challenging time, and they’re willing to reach out to those they trust for support. Rather than struggling through a situation themselves, they tap into the wisdom of others to overcome it quicker.
  9. They trust things will work out as required. They know sometimes things won’t go as planned, however they believe whatever happens is part of the process or journey. They have this inner knowing things will work out well eventually exactly as it needs to.
  10. They know certain results take time. Rather than buying into the idea of instant gratification, they’re aware achieving certain results takes longer. They understand that according to the law of gender or gestation, a certain period of time must elapse before something manifests, and all things will manifest when the time is right.

These characteristics are like mindsets which mentally strong people have. If we adopt these, we’ll also get mentally stronger and have a different perspective of how we view ourselves, others and the world.

If we’re not willing to strengthen our mental abilities, it’s likely we’ll easily be distracted, discouraged or sidetracked from where we want to go in life if things don’t go our way. Becoming mentally strong is one of the best things we can develop.

Action Step: Pick the characteristic that most resonates with you and integrate it into your daily experiences. Once you’re comfortable with it, choose another one and repeat.

Question: What other important characteristics do mentally strong people have?


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