10 Important Choices You Will Not Regret Later In Life

We’ve all done things we’ve regretted later. Sometimes it may have been a bad decision or it could have been something we said to another person.

Our whole experience of life is the sum total of the choices or decisions we make each day.

While our choices will not always result in something positive, that should not stop us from continuing to make choices that we will think are the best for us.

When we make choices that are in our best interest, we get a sense that we’re in control of our lives, which leads to:

  • More enjoyment and fulfilment in what we do.
  • A better mindset or attitude.
  • Feelings of progress and accomplishment.

things we will not regret later in life

I remember once in a personal development program I attended, the trainer asked the participants to write down everything we believed we can’t do. Once we had a few things written down, he asked us to replace the word can’t with I choose not to.

Just by changing one word, I felt more empowered because I now had the choice whether I wanted to do the things I previously thought I could not do.

Knowing that we have choices in life is one of the things that brings us joy and satisfaction.

Here are ten choices we can make now that we will not regret later in life. While it may require courage and confidence to make these choices, the benefits will outweigh any possible regrets we may have.

  1. Following your passions and dreams. We all have things we love to do and dreams we want to come true. Actively living our passions and dreams is what will bring us the greatest joy in life. The key is to be really clear on what it is we want and love to do. We can fail at what we don’t want so it is better to take a chance on doing what we love.
  2. Discovering what your purpose is in life. I believe we’re all here for a reason and it is our responsibility to find out what that is. It has been said that purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. When we’re consistently living our life purpose, that’s when we’ll be sharing our gifts and greatness with the world.
  3. Focusing on your health and well-being. We cannot be at our best if we don’t take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I will be very surprised if there is anyone who has ever regretted paying attention to their overall health. Usually we tend to regret later the poor health choices we have made in life.
  4. Investing in your self-education. The late Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” The more we can learn about ourselves, our behaviours and beliefs, the better positioned we’ll be to make choices that are in our best interest. A simple choice we can make is instead of watching unproductive television programs, we can invest that time reading or watching educational programs.
  5. Spending as little time as possible with negative or toxic people. Toxic people affect our attitude, our behaviours and can deplete our energy levels quickly. As the saying goes, “There has never been a statue built for a critic.” Knowing the power of our environments is critical if we want to be able to make empowering choices rather than choices out of fear.
  6. Being generous with your time, energy and resources with others. We can never be generous enough. Not everyone in the world is as fortunate as us. Sometimes all it takes are small words of encouragement, which can make such a big difference to someone else. As per the Law of Cause and Effect, we should never be worried about what we are going to get — we should just concentrate on what we can give.
  7. Being appreciative for what you already have in life. Practising gratitude is one of the best habits we can develop. We can often fall into the habit of looking at what’s missing from our lives and cause ourselves to feel miserable. The truth is we are exactly where we need to be at this point in time in our lives. We will always have something to appreciate in life.
  8. Speaking the truth. One of the biggest regrets we can have in life is not saying something we know was the truth when we should have. Facing the truth can be confronting because it brings up our fears and insecurities. There will be times when speaking the truth will make us unpopular or cause pain to others, but over the long run, following our truth will always work out best for us.
  9. Spending extra time with those you love. It has been said that a person on their dying bed will never wish they had spent extra time in the office or doing work. They will always wish they had spent more time with those that mattered the most. It’s the little moments of joy with those we love that leads to a happy, joyous life.
  10. Doing the best you can every single day. All we can ever expect of ourselves is to do the best we can. It is our responsibility to continually raise our standards and challenge ourselves to grow. That requires us to take risks and try new things. There will be days when things don’t go as planned. Those types of days should be the exception rather than the norm. If we consistently do the best we can, we will feel a sense of progress and accomplishment.

We have the power to choose exactly the type of life we want to live. If we are making healthy and empowering choices daily, we will set ourselves up for success rather than regret later in life.

The more choices we can make that are aligned with our highest visions and our life purpose, the better quality of life we will live.

Action Step: Evaluate where you have not been making choices that are supporting what you want to achieve. Make a new choice today by picking one thing from the list above and commit to implementing that into your everyday life.

Question: What could be another choice we can make now that we will not regret later in life?

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