10 Poor Thoughts That Will Crush Your Biggest Dreams In Life

It is quite a strange thing that even though we all have dreams in life, so few of us pursue our dreams fully.

Some people may attempt something but when they face challenges or suffer setbacks, they quickly give up on their dreams.

Most times, it is what is going on internally that affects what we are willing to do in order to achieve our dreams. And it all starts with our thoughts.

Poor or negative thoughts affect us in many ways including:

  • It causes us to miss seeing opportunities around us.
  • It affects our energy and motivation levels.
  • It affects our emotional and physical well-being.

Whenever we’re in a negative state, it is easier to experience high levels of stress. Things also feel heavier and it often takes longer to get things done.

thoughts that can crush our dreams

I first started blogging in 2007 and at that time, I had a Blogger blog. While initially I was excited about sharing ideas via my blog, that excitement quickly diminished and within a couple of years, I had totally abandoned that blog.

Not only was it frustrating for me, I felt I had let down myself and the readers of my blog. Over the next few years, the thoughts I had about blogging were not positive. I had falsely associated blogging with disappointment, failure and a lot of hard work.

Almost six years went by before I was able to get myself to recommit to blogging again. Fortunately I am able to say that since I have restarted blogging, I have maintained my consistency with creating new content every week for a couple of years now.

The thoughts I had about blogging for six years had an impact on the dreams I had because I missed out on six years worth of opportunity to build my platform, reach more people with my message and make a bigger difference in people’s lives.

If we’re not consciously aware of the types of thoughts we are thinking, they will affect our behaviours and our actions.

Here are ten types of thoughts that can delay or crush our dreams in life. By becoming aware of these thoughts, we can take the necessary steps to either release those thoughts or shift our focus to what we want to achieve.

  1. Now is not the right time. How do we really know when is the right time to do something? The truth is we don’t. All we have is the awareness, knowledge or skills to make the best decision possible for ourselves at any given time.
  2. I can’t afford it. There are times when we have to invest in our dreams whether it is to learn a new skill, acquire new knowledge or purchase something. If we look at our current reality and make decisions based on it, we will not create a new reality. We will only create similar type results. Our decisions should always be based on what we want.
  3. I’m not ready yet. I know this is something I have struggled with and continue to do so at some level. Before I first started public speaking, I didn’t feel I was experienced or capable enough, which delayed when I got started. It was simply because I didn’t think I was ready and felt I needed to develop my speaking skills even further. The truth was I was never going to feel ready enough so I just got started and improved with experience and more practice.
  4. It’s too late or I’m too old now. We should never give up on our dreams because we think our time has past or it’s too late. If our dreams are important to us, we must pursue it with relentless determination and commitment. It is never too late because our dreams are worth it.
  5. I’m not smart or talented enough. The comparison bug destroys so many dreams. Thinking that we don’t have what it takes to realise our dreams is a big reason why so many of us aren’t willing to take that first step towards our dreams. We learn best through our experiences and that only comes by starting something with the skills and abilities we have at that time.
  6. I don’t want to take risks. Taking risks can often be uncomfortable. One thing to always remember is that while it is important to challenge ourselves and take risks, we should never put ourselves at risk. Our biggest growth in life occurs when we step outside our comfort zone and that only happens when we take new risks.
  7. I will be judged or ridiculed if I go after my dreams. The fear of other people’s opinions has a huge effect on so many of us. What I have come to learn is that other people’s opinions is none of my business. I cannot control other people’s opinion of me so rather than die with the dreams inside me, I’d rather choose to give my dreams all I’ve got.
  8. My responsibilities are more important than my dreams. While it is important to fulfil our responsibilities, it shouldn’t be the reason for not pursuing our dreams. Often,we tend to have this “either/or” thinking — we can either do this or do that. A better alternative is to look for options so that we can shift to an “and” mindset. How can I maintain my responsibilities “and” go after my dreams at the same time?
  9. My dreams are too grandiose or too big. While we may have big dreams, it shouldn’t be the reason not to get started. All we can do is take the very next action. The key thing is whether we are emotionally connected to our dreams because that is what will fuel us when the going gets tough.
  10. Dreams don’t always come true anyway. This is a big dream killer — not giving ourselves a chance because we don’t believe it can be possible for us. Our dreams cannot come true if we don’t have dreams to start off with and if we don’t take action towards making them come true. By adopting a new belief that it is possible for us can give us the inspiration we need to go after our dreams.

We’ve been given the dreams we want to pursue for a reason. Our dreams will help us become the person we are meant to become while going after them.

If we do, we can create results beyond our wildest dreams. If we don’t, then there will always be this void which will be eating away at us and make us feel we are not doing what we really want to do.

Action Step: From the list of thoughts above, determine how many of them you can relate to and make a choice to let go of those thoughts once and for all.

Question: What thoughts have you experienced which may have held you back from your dreams and what have you done about it?

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