10 Questions You Should Ask if You Want a New Career

Things to Consider Before Making a Major Change to Your Work Life

There are important questions you should ask if you want a new career and make a successful transition.

Chances are, if you don’t enjoy what you do or have been in the same career for many years, you may change to something new.

Knowing what to consider before changing careers can help:

  • Avoid doing things without a plan.
  • Ensure you consider potential risks.
  • Clarify whether you are making the right decision.
  • Prepare you to deal with mental and emotional challenges.
  • Assure you enjoy the process of change.

Giving yourself time to do a thorough evaluation will help you successfully transition to a new career.

questions you should ask if you want a new career

There are things I wish I had considered when I changed my career, which would have made the change enjoyable and less stressful. Having learned from my experiences, I know certain things will make a career change easier.

10 Questions You Should Ask if You Want a New Career

These are ten questions I would encourage you to reflect on and write your answers. You will get more clarity, which will support you in making the right decision.

  1. What don’t I like or enjoy about my current career?
  2. Why am I considering a career change and why is this the time to do it?
  3. In the season of life I am in now, what are my biggest priorities? Why?
  4. What does my dream career or dream job look like and how does it align with what I want in life?
  5. What knowledge, skills or awareness do I need to develop to make a successful change?
  6. What impact will a change have on my finances and how can I best prepare for it?
  7. What challenges will I face if I make a change and how will I handle them?
  8. Who can I reach out to for support before, during and after I make the change?
  9. What impact will the change have on other areas of my life such as my health or my significant relationships?
  10. How long am I willing to give myself to make this career change a success? How committed am I?

Final Thoughts

Changing to a new career is exciting and scary at the same time. The better prepared you are, the greater your chances of making a successful change.

Knowing the questions you should ask if you want a new career is an advantage and will prevent problems later on. False optimism is not a strategy or a plan. Your willingness to reflect on these questions will make a big difference.

Action Step: If you are thinking about changing your career, go through these questions and write your answers. Share your intention and answers with those who will be affected most and ask them for their feedback.

Question: What are other questions you should ask if you want a new career?