10 Reasons Why Being Alone Can Make You More Successful

In our modern world, in which we are constantly connected through instant messaging and notifications, finding time alone has all but vanished from our lifestyle.

The constant busyness leads to two of the most common excuses why people are not following what they really would love to do, which is, “I don’t have the time” and “I’m too busy.”

The truth is being alone can actually bring us a lot of benefits, as we allow ourselves to take a break from our hectic life. This is why some of the Eastern practices like meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and other spiritual or religious practices are so appealing to those of us who just want to slow down.

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to cultivate time alone so that we can tap into our inner wisdom and guidance. That can only happen if we are intentional about spending time alone.

Why alone time is the best time

Some of my most valuable insights and successes have come about as a result of being alone and just listening to my inner voice. I remember when things were challenging in my coaching business, I was desperate to find another solution to generate additional income. It was when I allowed myself to be still and took a break from constant activities, that I received insight to focus more on the training aspect of my business.

That allowed me to not only generate new income, but it also helped me improve my skills as a speaker and as a trainer, plus it also helped me become a much better and consistent content creator.

Being alone can lead to more success, create deeper connections with people, and result in a healthier, happier lifestyle. Here are 10 reasons why being alone can make us more successful.

  1. You’re less likely to make impulsive decisions. Being alone makes us get in touch with what matters most to us and most times, the things we think are important to us just fades away as being irrelevant or insignificant.
  2. You’ll be more responsible with money. Have you ever noticed that you tend to spend more money when you’re with others than when you’re on your own? This is because we don’t feel pressured to do things just to please others or buy into the idea that we must do something to pass time.
  3. You won’t waste mental energy dealing with other people’s emotional issues. As we have so many emotions we experience in life, sometimes they can be exhausting and draining especially if we’re having to deal with other people’s emotional baggage. Being alone takes away that risk as we are free to focus on our own emotions.
  4. You don’t need any one else’s permission or approval to make decisions that are best for you. An advantage of being alone is that we can make decisions at any time, without having to consult others. While we may not always make the right decisions, we will always learn something valuable from all our decisions.
  5. You’ll be able to dictate how you want to spend your time. Being free to choose how we want to spend our time is a huge advantage because at times, we tend to submit to other people’s demands without taking care of our own needs. As one of my mentors teaches, our needs are just as important as other people’s needs.
  6. You’ll have the time and space to think deeply about your life. Building on from the previous point, having alone time means being able to think deeper and contemplate on what truly is important to us in life. The higher aspect of ourselves often expresses itself through reflection and contemplation.
  7. You’ll improve your ability to concentrate and be more productive. I know I work better when I am alone as there is no noise or distraction from others. By having the discipline to focus on our highest priority activities, we will get more accomplished in less time.
  8. You’ll value the time you spend with others even more. Spending a lot of time alone will help us appreciate the time we do spend with others in life as we will have a desire to form deeper, more meaningful connections with others. Knowing that we will not always have the luxury of being around others will make us use the time we have with others a lot better.
  9. You’ll start to improve your self-talk. We all talk to ourselves and most times, we are our own harshest critique. Being alone and focusing more on what is truly valuable to us will start to shift our self-talk from mostly negative to positive. That will come with practice and time, but it will happen if we focus on the good aspects of ourselves.
  10. You’ll become a better observer of yours and other people’s behaviours. One of the keys to self-improvement is self-awareness. Becoming a better observer of thoughts and behaviours can only happen in a state of reflection. Once we become more aware of other people’s behaviours, we will be able to see things from different perspectives, which results in less judgment and more acceptance of others.

If we choose to cultivate alone time daily or weekly, or even for extended periods of time, we will notice the difference it makes to the quality of our thoughts, our behaviours and our actions. Any positive difference will lead to better results, which means we will be happier, healthier and more successful in life.

Action Step: Schedule time alone in your calendar each day starting today. If you already spend time alone consistently, take it to the next level by scheduling even more time to be with yourself to reflect on your life.

Question: What is another reason why being alone can make us more successful?

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