10 Reasons Why You Should Dream Big and Aim High

Fri Sep 16, 2016

Everyone has dreams.

Some people’s dreams may involve changing how we live our lives, like a Steve Jobs, while others may have dreams of going on a particular vacation, buying a new house or owning a new car.

While one dream may not be better or more important than another, we should all have big dreams so we have meaning and purpose behind the things we do.

When I first started learning from trainers and professional speakers in the personal development industry, I thought it would be nice to speak to an audience of 1,000 or more people. At that time, it was just a dream. The largest audience I had spoken in front of at that time was around 50 people, so setting an intention to speak in front of 1,000 or more people was a major stretch.

I remember at a seminar a few months later, that had close to 2,000 people in the audience, I stood up and answered a question the presenter had asked the audience. While technically I spoke to over 1,000 people, in my mind that didn’t count because I wanted to speak in “front” of an audience of that size.

Interestingly enough, I forgot about that dream and nothing happened for a few years.

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Everyone has dreams. Some of our dreams may involve changing how people live their lives, like a Steve Jobs, while others may have dreams to go on a particular vacation, buy a new house or own a new car.


As I continued to learn from different teachers and trainers, I also expanded my network and met some amazingly well-connected people, who became colleagues and close friends. It was through having relationships with my colleagues and friends that I was invited to speak at a TEDx event in India.

In the space of a few days, I got two opportunities to speak in front of 1,000 or more people. I had gone several years without realising that dream, but in the space of just a few days, I lived that dream twice!

I didn’t realise that I had achieved a big dream until a few months later when I was reviewing some of my major goals. It was then I knew how important it is to set big dreams and aim high in life.

10 Reasons to Dream Big and Aim High in Life

  1. You will generate greater levels of anticipation and excitement. Dreams means we desire something new and better in our lives, which will generate greater levels of excitement. Having things to look forward to in life can be very motivating.
  2. You will focus more on long-term benefits. To have a dream means we want to have a better reality than what we have now. That means we’re focusing on making our lives better which naturally will bring us long-term benefits.
  3. You will learn and grow while going for your dreams. Dreams can also become reality when we translate them into tangible goals and identify specific actions we can take to achieve them. This will often require us to learn new things, improve our skills and become better informed about what we want to achieve.
  4. You will overcome your limiting beliefs. Dreams will cause us to move beyond our current reality and challenge what we think is possible for us. As our beliefs often dictate the reality we create, by pursuing our dreams, we will challenge our old beliefs and create new beliefs.
  5. You will start to form new habits. Achieving our dreams will require us to evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing them. Most times, our current habits may not support us in getting to where we want to, so having dreams will require us to develop new habits, behaviours and rituals.
  6. You will form new partnerships and relationships. Sometimes our dreams will require input and support from others, so we’ll be required to strengthen existing relationships and form new ones. This will mean being around new people and having a new circle of friends to collaborate with them.
  7. You will become more action-oriented. It’s been said we can only achieve our dreams when we’re awake. This means we have to do something to get closer to our dreams as they rarely become a reality by itself. The more action we take, the more feedback we will receive, which will allow us to take better actions.
  8. You will clarify your visions in life. Our dreams are often the bigger-picture things we want to either experience and have in life. This will require us to look at what’s important to us and remain focused on the higher visions for our life.
  9. You will attract new opportunities. When we share our dreams with others, they can often make us aware of resources or connect us to people who can support us in achieving those dreams. As opportunities are always around us, when we’re clear on our dreams, we’ll automatically become aware of things that will help us achieve them.
  10. You will inspire others to also dream big and aim high. People are often inspired by others willing to take risks and go for their dreams. When we go after our passions and dreams, we’re leading the way, and it’s almost like giving permission to others to do the same.

Having dreams makes life more enjoyable and fun. Those who are willing to dream big and aim high are often more motivated and have a better outlook on life.

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Question: What is another reason why we should dream big and aim high?


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