10 Reminders That Will Help You During A Difficult Time

Things to Remember if You Find Yourself Struggling Mentally or Emotionally

We all go through difficult times in life and how we deal with them often defines who we are and who we become.

The better we can handle tough times, the better our chances of not letting those experiences slow us down or stop us from making progress towards what we want. As the saying goes, “Tough people are built for tough times.”

The challenge we face is that if we don’t handle the difficult times in our lives well, it can:

  • Create unnecessary mental anguish.
  • Cause us to have mental or emotional breakdowns.
  • Place additional strain on our relationships.
  • Cause us physical pain or trigger other symptoms in our bodies.
  • Lower our motivation to do the things we want to.

Having reminders whenever we go through a difficult time will help us cope better and also overcome it easier and faster.

How to get through a difficult time

10 Things to Remember During a Difficult Time

  1. You’re not alone. A mistake people tend to make is try and get through their situation on their own, which often adds to the stress or anxiety they may be experiencing. It takes courage to ask for help especially if we assume others will not understand what we’re going through or if we believe we’ll be judged in some way. Help is always available if we’re willing to ask.
  2. Others have been through something similar and have overcome it. In a world of over seven billion people, it’s highly unlikely that our situation will be completely unique. Someone has already gone through what we’re experiencing. We can learn from their experience by doing some research or talking to other people.
  3. This too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever or stays the same forever. There is a law of the universe called the law of rhythm, which states that everything flows and has its rhythm. Just like night follows day, good times will follow bad times. If we’re on a down swing, we just need to remind ourselves that things will change and we’ll be on an upswing again soon.
  4. You’re being challenged to grow. Challenges or difficult situations come into our lives for a reason or even for multiple reasons. They’re also there to expand our perspective and cause us to grow into the person who is capable of handling such situations. We tend to learn more and grow faster during difficult times.
  5. You’ve gotten through difficult times before. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve faced many difficult situations before and overcame them. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that just like previously, we’ll also get through what we’re currently dealing with.
  6. This is an opportunity for you. According to the law of polarity or the law of opposites, if there’s something wrong or bad about a situation, then there has to be something good about it too. If we’re experiencing a challenge, then there’s also an opportunity for us as well. Our job is to focus on the opportunity instead of the challenge.
  7. Do not assume the worst. It can be tempting to think of worse-case scenarios and make things out to be worse than they really are. Going through a difficult time is not the end of the world. There are bigger challenges in the world than what we’re currently experiencing.
  8. Let go of guilt or blame. As we tend to be our harshest critique, it’s easy to start blaming ourselves for the situation we’re experiencing. This can also generate feelings of guilt or remorse, which is not a healthy mental state to be in. Sometimes working with a trained professional can help us deal with feelings of guilt, regret or blame a lot better.
  9. Work through one thing at a time. A difficult time does not mean we should allow ourselves to be stuck. It will require new actions in order to create a new reality. As we continue to take one step at a time to get through our situation, it’ll only be a matter of time before things start improving.
  10. Do the best you can. If we’re willing to do the best we can with what we know or are able to do, that’s really all we can ask of ourselves. We can use techniques like visualisation to see ourselves overcoming our situation and do what we think will be the best step to take next.

Whenever we go through a difficult time, it’s important that we acknowledge what we’re experiencing rather than trying to deny it or pretend it’s not there. Sometimes it can be helpful to distract ourselves for a period of time by focusing on other things as a way to be kinder to ourselves.

If we remind ourselves of these things, we’re less likely to get down or beat ourselves up, and more likely to do what’s required to overcome our situation.

Action Step: Reflect on your last difficult situation and recall how you handled it. Capture what some of the key lessons you learned about yourself and what you can do next time you experience a tough time with the awareness you now have.

Question: What is something else we should remind ourselves of during a difficult time?

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