10 Signs You Are On The Right Track Even If You Feel Stuck

From time to time, it is quite normal to feel that we are not progressing as quickly as we would like or that we are stuck in some area in our lives.

When we’re in such a state, it can be very easy to get frustrated with ourselves or others, and not be at our best.

The good news is that we can quickly and easily snap ourselves out of such a state by reminding ourselves of things that are actually going well for us. There are always signs we’re on the right track even if we feel we are not progressing or moving as fast as we would like.

When we feel we’re stuck, there are a number of consequences, which include:

  • Lower motivation to do things to move forward.
  • Unhealthy thoughts which will affect how we feel and how we act.
  • Being in a bad mood which can also frustrate people around us.
  • Reduced confidence in our ability to achieve what we want.
  • Delay in getting the results we want.

How to get back on track after a setback

Not too long ago, I got recommitted to getting back to a fitness level I wanted to be at so I started a disciplined exercise and healthy eating program. The first couple of months started off reasonably well as I started releasing weight I no longer needed plus my energy levels started increasing as well. However, the third and fourth were really challenging.

I was still doing the things I did the first couple of months but my weight stayed the same. In some weeks, it even went up, which not only surprised me, but it caused plenty of frustration. I felt stuck and at times, questioned whether the effort I was putting in was worth the reward.

Thankfully, I had the awareness to conclude that the results I wanted would come if I stayed committed and didn’t give up. Even though I felt stuck, I knew I was doing the right things and would eventually get back on track.

Not surprisingly, after the fourth month, I started releasing more weight again and continued the downward trend for a few more months before the pattern repeated again. And I continued doing what I had been doing and have not stopped since.

Here are ten signs that indicate we are on the right track and moving forward even though it feels like we are stuck in a reality we don’t like or want. These signs can help us quickly snap out of how we are currently feeling and start focusing on what needs to be done to get the outcomes we want.

  1. You are taking some action towards a goal you have set. Taking some action is often better than taking no action, provided they are actions that will move us forward. Even taking the smallest action once a week is a sign that we are making some progress.
  2. You are experiencing more failures than successes. Failure is often a necessary ingredient for success. The more we fail, the more chances we give ourselves of actually succeeding. Experiencing failure is useful provided we are willing to reflect on our mistakes and learn from them so that we can do better next time.
  3. You take time each day to focus on yourself. Doing something for ourselves each day indicates we have a healthy level of respect for ourselves. It can be as simple as having a nutritious lunch or going for a brisk walk or taking regular breaks during our work day. Being willing to follow our passions is also a sign that we’re doing okay.
  4. You have a daily gratitude practice. Being grateful each day opens our minds up to notice and appreciate the abundance that is always around us. No matter how stuck we may feel, there is always something to be grateful for, which will make us realise that life is actually good.
  5. You are focused on what’s important and not on what’s urgent. If we know what our priorities are and give them the focus they require, we will make progress. Being disciplined and not allowing ourselves to succumb to other people’s urgent demands when we are focused on what we want to do, is a sure sign that we’re on the right track.
  6. You are generous to others with your time and expertise. Acquiring knowledge, skills, expertise and experience is a good thing, but it is even better when we are willing to share it with others. When we are generous, it is a sign that we have an abundant mindset and believe in the power of empowering others to do the same too.
  7. You have a supportive network or peer group. During difficult times, it is often our support network or people we trust that can help us deal with our situation better. Just having people we can reach out to when we are struggling indicates that we’ll always be supported no matter how difficult things get.
  8. You take personal responsibility when things don’t go your way. We all know that things don’t always go to plan. Rather than looking to blame others or complain when we don’t get the results we want, if we own up to our part in creating the results we got, it is an indication that we have a healthy attitude and will eventually get the results we want.
  9. You aim to be an agent for positive change. If we strive to stay optimistic and enthusiastic about what we have and where we are heading, and also be a positive role model, we are already on the right track. Anytime we do something that uplifts others, it is a sign that we will be able to handle anything that comes our way.
  10. You are consistently building your confidence by taking on new challenges. One of the reasons we feel stuck is because we don’t have enough new experiences in life. Whenever we attempt something new, it challenges us to develop new capabilities and competencies, which in turn, builds our self-confidence. The more confidence we have, the more we are willing to take on new challenges.

No matter how stuck we may feel, it is always a good reminder to pause and question whether that is actually true or not. If we’re honest with ourselves, we will soon recognise that as long as we are taking some action towards what we want, we will not be in a state of feeling stuck for too long. The key is having the discipline to always look for signs of things going well in our lives.

Action Step: Take some time and reflect on how you are currently feeling about your life. Are you making progress or do you feel stuck in certain areas? If you feel stuck, go through the signs mentioned above and take one small action today towards the achievement of one of your goals.

Question: What could be another sign that will indicate we are on the right track even if we feel stuck at times?

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