10 Signs You Have The Courage You Need To Succeed

When we think of courage, it can be quite easy to mistake it for confidence. Courage and confidence looks the same on the outside but they are not the same thing.

Confidence is a belief in our ability to do something. It is a feeling we have when we know we can do something again. Confidence is typically developed by successfully surviving risks.

Courage is our willingness to act in-spite of any uncertainty or fear we may have. It is being willing to take action despite not knowing what the outcome will be.

While both are very important in order to get the outcomes we want, it is our level of courage that will influence our level of confidence. The more courageous we are, the more confidence we will develop.

I remember when I first started my own business, a critical role was getting sales, which in my business, was finding new clients. As I was initially doing a lot of coaching work, I needed to feel confident and have the courage to get people to sign up for coaching.

Ways to develop more courage

It was such a struggle in the early stages! I would hesitate and at times, I didn’t even ask if they wanted to know about the coaching services I offered because I wasn’t willing to take that final step. I lacked courage! The number of potential clients and income I lost was devastating and had some serious financial implications for me.

Thankfully, I stayed persistent. I learned the skills and developed the courage I needed to be able to confidently ask for the sale over time. Speaking to other business owners, especially service-based business owners, I can relate to their struggles and understand what they are going through. It takes courage todo something we are not comfortable with.

From time to time, we can get discouraged and start to question whether we have the courage required to achieve the success we want. The good news is that it is easy to predict whether we will succeed or not because there are always signs that indicate whether we’re on track or not.

Here are ten signs that indicate we have the courage we need to succeed and if these signs continue, we will eventually get the results we want.

  1. You are willing to keep going even when you have faced defeat. We will face defeat many times in our lives. We can either be motivated to do better by our defeats or we can give up. Those who are persistent have a much greater chance of success than those who aren’t willing to face their challenges head-on.
  2. You are willing to make mistakes and look foolish. As we move towards our dreams, we will be ridiculed, laughed at or discouraged by those who aren’t willing to go for their own dreams. Rather than listening to their doubts and fears, if we continue making progress, we will be rewarded eventually.
  3. You are willing to trust your intuition. Our intuition is always guiding us. Our job is to learn how to develop our intuition so that we can recognise the subtle clues we are receiving all the time. Being able to trust our intuition is one of the best skills we can develop and taking action on our intuition will always move us in the right direction.
  4. You are willing to ask for help. Success is a team sport. We will always require the help of others to support us to get to where we want to go easier and faster. The more we are willing to ask for help, the more help we will receive. As the saying goes, “Ask and you shall receive.”
  5. You are willing to give more than you expect in return. Whatever we put out will come back to us. That is a law of the universe. Therefore, the more good things we put out, the more good things will come back to us. We should choose to be generous because we want to be, not because we think we will gain something from it.
  6. You are willing to hold yourself accountable. Giving ourselves deadlines is what generates consistent action. By holding ourselves to a high standard and being accountable for the results we achieve, we will continuously move to higher levels of productivity and performance.
  7. You are willing to let go of negative emotions holding you back. Our emotions dictate what we are willing or not willing to do. Negative emotions can cause us to doubt ourselves, which can result in low confidence and a lack of courage. By willing to let go of emotions not serving us, we will be better positioned to take the right actions required to move closer to our goals.
  8. You are willing to forgive those who have done wrong by you. The longer we hang onto resentments, frustration or anger, the more difficult we make it for ourselves to operate at a level that will get us closer to what we want. Forgiving others does more good to us than it does to others.
  9. You are willing to continuously learn. No one knows everything. We all have something to learn otherwise we would have achieved the success we want to by now. The more we learn, the better decisions we can make to move us closer to where we want to be.
  10. You are willing to stay true to what you believe no matter what. Our challenges often test our commitment and how much we want something. If we’re not emotionally connected to the outcomes we want, it will be easy to give up when the going gets tough. By staying on course and true to what we know is right for us, we will succeed.

The good news is we all have the ability to develop the courage we need to succeed. A lot of it comes down to why we want to achieve the outcomes we want. If we display the above signs continuously, it is only a matter of time before we achieve what we want. If we don’t show these signs, our chances of succeeding are virtually none.

Action Step: Evaluate how you have been progressing towards your goals or the things you have identified as important to you. Do you believe you are displaying these signs? If you don’t think you are, invest some time into learning what you need to do to move you closer to your goals.

Question: What is another sign that we have the courage we need to succeed?

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