10 Simple Questions You Can Ask Today To Reignite Your Life

In our fast-paced, busy lifestyle, we sometimes forget or fail to take time out to reflect on where we are, what we are doing, and where we want to be in life.

With so many distractions and things competing for our attention, just the simple act of sitting down and being quiet, can have such a profound impact on our life.

I believe that the things we do in life should bring us joy and meaning, which ultimately will support us in living our purpose and highest visions.

reignite your life

Taking time out to reflect on where we are regularly can alert us if we’re out of alignment and integrity plus it allows us to make the necessary adjustments to get back on track.

Questions are such a powerful tool to use to get the clarity we need to make informed decisions. I once read that, “The quality of questions we ask ourselves is directly related to the quality of our lives.”

Here are ten simple but powerful questions that we can ask ourselves on a regular basis so that we can express ourselves fully, have more engagement in what we do, and live a better life.

  1. If today was my last day on earth, what would I choose to do? The answer to this question is a clue to what your life purpose is and what you’re meant to do in this lifetime. If your answer to this question is that you’ll be doing what you already are doing, congratulations! You are doing work aligned with your calling in life. If it is not, then that’s an invitation for you to start contemplating what would actually bring more meaning to what you do.
  2. Am I taking care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Oftentimes we get so busy with all the things we need to do that we forget to take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is vital to have the energy and vibrancy we want to have each day.
  3. Am I maintaining healthy relationships or creating new ones to support me? Relationships can be personal, social or professional. Each type of relationship we have causes us to grow as a person. They can be challenging, emotionally draining and stressful or they can be fun, joyous and fulfilling. It’s ultimately our choice to create the type of relationships we want.
  4. Is my financial situation where I want it to be? This question causes us to evaluate our relationship with money and whether we’re taking the necessary actions to create the amount of money we want to earn. It could be simply looking at where we’re spending our money or finding out how to add additional sources of income.
  5. Am I doing my highest value work right now? Oftentimes entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves to grow their business and doing everything may not necessarily be the best use of their time. Therefore having support systems is vital to be able to free up time to do the things we’re actually good at.
  6. When was the last time I did something for the first time? We all love the idea of something new coming into our experience therefore this question is an invitation to intentionally do new things on a regular basis.
  7. Am I intentionally designing my environments to support me in where I want to go? Our environments have a massive effect on what we thing, how we feel and the way we behave. Our environments either inspire us to be the best we can be or they deplete our energy and cause us to have a pessimistic view on life. Creating supportive environments is critical to long-term success and happiness.
  8. Am I creating a legacy with what I’m doing in life? Being able to contribute and make a difference is what juices many of us. As we want the things we are doing in life to make a difference to others, we need to ensure that what we’re doing now actually matters and is aligned with our highest visions and purpose.
  9. Am I hanging on to experiences or failures from the past and using them as excuses for why I’m not living the life I want to? We’ve all used excuses to either do or not do something and most of our excuses are due to our past experiences. Therefore being able to let go of our past and live and enjoy the present moment is what will ultimately bring us happiness.
  10. Am I consistently challenging myself to grow as a person? If you knew you could not fail, what would you choose to do to take yourself to a whole new level of awareness? In order to experience growth, we must have challenges. We must be continuously learning and developing ourselves.

Giving ourselves the time to reflect and contemplate on where we are in life is such a precious gift we can give ourselves. These simple questions can be the trigger you need to slow down, take stock and make the necessary changes to live the life you truly want and deserve.

Question: What is another question that you would like added to this list?

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    • Glad you enjoyed this post Jane! These questions certainly do put things into perspective and helps us focus on what’s important. Thanks for your support, as always!

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