10 Small Wins You Should Celebrate Every Week

In the process of striving to achieve more and more, do you sometimes fail to stop and celebrate what you actually have accomplished?

For a long time, I had gotten into the habit of moving onto the next thing after I had completed or achieved something I had set out to, without taking the time to stop, reflect, acknowledge and celebrate what I had achieved.

In recent times, I have given myself permission to actually slow down and celebrate an achievement before moving onto the next thing, which I have found to be extremely beneficial.

how to celebrate success

A celebration doesn’t always have to be something big, require a lot of money, or be time consuming. In fact, the shorter or quicker the celebration, the more celebrations we can have. Some of the ways I have celebrated include:

  • Taking an extended lunch break.
  • Finishing work early for the day.
  • Downloading a new app.
  • Buying a Kindle book.
  • Listening to music or watching a movie.

Although you can celebrate your achievements daily, here are ten small wins you should celebrate every week which will help you stay motivated and maintain your confidence level as you continue to achieve more success.

  1. Finishing or leaving work on time. As entrepreneurs or home-based business owners, we tend to work additional hours to get the job done and sometimes this can affect our level of self-care. Therefore, any time we finish work early or on time is a really good thing.
  2. Completing a task or project before its deadline. We know that this doesn’t happen all that often so we need to enjoy ourselves any time we finish something early.
  3. Clearing out our email inbox. We tend to get bombarded with emails daily so any time we can have an inbox with zero emails is worth celebrating. I tend to receive over 150 emails daily and one of the habits I have, is to clear out my inbox daily, which always makes me feel great because I hate a full inbox.
  4. Doing something physical a few times during the week. Exercising is a great way to refresh, relieve stress and re-energise ourselves. Whether it is going for a jog or walk, doing aerobics or yoga exercises, or working out at the gym, getting away for our work to do something physical is always worth celebrating especially for busy entrepreneurs.
  5. Taking time to relax. Life can be stressful at times and as entrepreneurs, we often find it hard to take time out and relax, which is so important to do. Therefore, any time we can relax, whether it is meditating or just having a break, is worth celebrating. Something as simple as relaxing can make a huge difference to what we eventually achieve through the week, month or year.
  6. Reading during the week. Learners are readers and as entrepreneurs, we need to be continually acquiring new knowledge as we continue to develop ourselves and grow our business. Reading is one of the best ways to do that. In fact, reading can be one of the ways to celebrate any small wins during the week.
  7. Having a meaningful conversation with someone important. Any time we connect with a loved one, an important client or even a potential client, certainly makes us feel good and is worth celebrating. I know from personal experience, this is an area I can improve in so whenever I am able to have meaningful conversations, I know it’s a win and cause for celebration.
  8. Having a technology-free day. Oh, this can be a difficult one and it is one I still struggle with. As technology is in everything we do nowadays, getting away from it can be extremely challenging. Having downtime as mentioned earlier is vital and getting away from technology, whether it is our phones, computers, tablet devices or television sets, can be so refreshing and relaxing.
  9. Continuing a new positive behaviour or giving up a bad behaviour. New habits can be hard to form and bad habits can be difficult to give up. Just think of New Year’s resolutions — how successful have they been for you? Therefore any time we continue reinforcing a new, good behaviour is worth celebrating. Likewise, any time we maintain our discipline in giving up a bad behaviour is also worth celebrating.
  10. Making time for your hobbies. This could be the real win because ultimately we work so hard so that we can enjoy the things we are passionate about. Without passions or hobbies, why are you working so hard? What’s it all for? Start by scheduling time during your day to do the things you love. You will have a much higher level of enjoyment each day.

Acknowledging our wins on a consistent basic is really a habit worth forming or maintaining. We all love celebrations, so why not have a small celebration daily or weekly? These are some examples of wins that are worth celebrating because ultimately, they are helping us become the person we want to be.

Question: What is another small win worth celebrating each week?

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