10 Surprising Things That Will Happen When You Trust Yourself More

Our ability to trust ourselves plays a huge part in everything we do in life.

Most of the trust issues we have with others is often a reflection of the level of trust we have with ourselves.

Whenever we meet new people, we’re always assessing whether we like or trust them, even before we have gotten to know them. The challenge with trust is that it can take a long time to gain someone else’s trust, but we can lose it very quickly with just one mistake.

Similarly, when we fail to follow through on a commitment we made or do not keep our agreements, our level of self-trust declines very quickly, and that not only affects what we do, it also affects how we do things and how much of ourselves we put into things.

Learning to trust ourselves more is such an important part of developing as a person because more self-trust leads to better relationships with ourselves and others, and it is directly linked to how much happiness we experience in life.

Why you should trust yourself first

One of the ways I have developed more trust in myself is to by committing to become a better writer. Over the years, as I have created more content, I know my writing skills have improved a lot and now it is almost second nature for me to share my perspective and write authentically.

Recently, I wrote notes of appreciation to people I had built relationships with over several years. It came as a surprise that most of them found it challenging to write something back that they really wanted to say to me simply because they didn’t have a high level of trust in themselves to be able to articulate the words they wanted to say. As I now trust myself more as a writer, writing words comes easily to me which made it easier to share how I really felt.

Learning to trust ourselves more is one of the best things that can happen to us. When we start doing that, it opens up for more positive things to happen to us. Here are 10 surprising things that will happen when we start trusting ourselves a lot more.

  1. You will become more self aware. Awareness is the key to making any notable improvements in life. As we trust ourselves more, we get to know ourselves on a much deeper level because we really tap into what is important to us and what truly matters most. We will start to be more authentic in how we live our lives.
  2. You will know who you can or cannot trust. We cannot give what we haven’t got so we cannot give trust to others if we cannot trust ourselves first. By learning to trust ourselves more first, we’ll have a greater level of awareness of who we can trust and why we should trust them.
  3. You will be more confident about the decisions you make. We develop confidence by successfully surviving risks. The more risks we survive or overcome, the more self-confidence we will have, which means we will trust ourselves more to make the right decisions and take the right actions. We will do what we think is right or best for us.
  4. You will not be bothered by harsh or negative comments. When we trust ourselves more, we will be more self-assured because we know what we value and stand for in life. When we experience criticism or judgment from others, we will be more likely to take it as valuable feedback without taking anything personally. We will not let negative comments mean anything about us, instead we will view it as someone else’s experience.
  5. You will be more action oriented. As our self-confidence and trust grows, we will be more inclined to challenge ourselves more, which means we will attempt to do new things in life. Our desire to do new things will lead to us getting more done, which will lead to newer and better results.
  6. You will become more persistent. Sometimes trusting ourselves is a knowing that something we want to create in life will eventually happen if we just stay on course. When we know that, we are less likely to quit when the going gets tough or when we face challenges. Instead, we will be persistent and continue to take action to move us closer to what we want.
  7. You will develop more discipline. Similar to becoming more persistent, trusting ourselves more means we will be more focused on what we want and will stay committed to what’s important to us. Being more disciplined will also make us more patient and dedicated to what we truly desire in life.
  8. You will be less judgmental. As we trust ourselves more, we will realise that not everyone knows what they truly want in life nor are they taking actions steps to make improvements to their lives. Knowing that people are doing the best they can will help us stop judging others, especially if we believe they should be doing things differently.
  9. You will not feel the need to please others. A powerful thing we can learn in life is that we cannot make a person feel happy or feel sad. Every emotion we feel is our responsibility. Trusting ourselves more will help us be more accepting of others and support us in not feeling the need to make others happy.
  10. You will be a lot happier. Ultimately we all want to be happy in life, serve in some way and make a difference any way we can. Developing more self-confidence, self-assurance and trust in ourselves means we know ourselves a lot better and we will be more accepting of ourselves.

If we trust ourselves more, it will be evident in how we think, behave or act when we’re either alone or with others. Not only will we appreciate ourselves more, we will become more attractive to others and inspire them to trust themselves more too.

Action Step: Decide one thing you will do this week to start trusting yourself more. Maybe it can be acknowledging yourself for something you accomplished recently or did for someone else. Continue building on the things you are doing to develop more self trust.

Question: What is another thing that could happen when we trust ourselves more?

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