10 Things That Will Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Simple Ways You Can Create Greater Amounts of Fun and Happiness Daily

As we’re in the festive and holiday season, this is a perfect time to pause and reflect on what we’re doing and how we can bring more joy into our lives.

It’s not uncommon for people to get caught up in the busyness of life and not give enough attention to the things that light them up or give more meaning to what they’re actually doing in their lives.

The good news is, most times, the things that give us the greatest joy, costs very little or nothing at all. We just have to be willing to allocate time to doing them and make them a priority in our everyday lives.

The more we do these things, the better we’ll feel about ourselves and the better our attitude or mood will be. This will also positively affect those around us and help create more joy in everybody’s lives.

How to live joyfully

10 Things You Can Do to Experience More Joy

  1. Learn common phrases in a new language. These may include greetings, compliments, asking general questions or making positive statements.
  2. Go for a walk in nature alone. There is something about being in nature that ignites creativity, awakens inspiration and also make us more grounded.
  3. Have a chat with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Our busyness can often result in us not staying connected with people we want to, so we have to make an intention to reconnect again.
  4. Acquire a new skill. It may be something simple like gardening, drawing, painting, reading faster, or it may be something more involved such as learning to play a guitar or taking singing or dance classes.
  5. Visit your own city or town as if you’re a tourist. We sometimes do not fully appreciate the attractions in our town or city, so giving ourselves the time to explore again can be very exciting and rewarding.
  6. Give a present to someone who is not expecting one from you. The best time to give a gift is when someone is least expecting it. It can be as big or small as we want because the main thing is the thought or intention behind it.
  7. Learn to cook a new dish. As most of us are fortunate to eat three meals a day, we can get tired of eating the same things. We can add variety to what we eat by trying out new recipes just for the fun of it.
  8. Sing your favourite song out loud. Music often causes a shift in how we feel but when we sing out loud, it stirs something in us that can spark creativity and lead to higher levels of motivation.
  9. Make a scrapbook or photo album of your favourite memories. Our experiences and memories are our most treasured possessions and we can capture them with the different resources available today, both online or offline.
  10. Send a handwritten “Thank You” note to someone who has done something for you. Thinking back to what the person did for us will bring us joy and when they read our “Thank You” note, it will give them joy, so we both win.

It’s very rare for us to feel joy without something triggering it, whether that’s something internal or external. To experience joy on a more consistent basis, we must be willing to do things we know will lead to us having a good time and feeling happy. We can all start today by taking a small action.

Action Step: Pick one thing from the list above and do it today. Share the list with someone else and ask them for ideas as well on how you can bring more joy into your life.

Question: What are other things we can do to bring more joy into our lives?

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