10 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier

How to Make Dramatic Improvements to Your Life Without Buying New Products or Gadgets

It’s highly unlikely anyone wakes up in the morning and says, “I wish my life was harder.” We want our lives to be easier.

We also want the process of making our lives easier to be easy as well. Sometimes we get caught up in the buzz around a new product or gadget that promises to make us more efficient, only to find that it actually requires more work use the product or gadget correctly to make our lives easier.

The ideas suggested here are not related to new products or gadgets. It’s about simple practices or things we can do right now to make our lives easier.

The Benefits of an Easier Life

  • You’ll feel happier and less overwhelmed.
  • You’ll have more time to do things that matter to you.
  • You’ll have a better outlook on life.
  • You’ll experience more progress or growth.
  • You’ll have less things that can take you away from doing things that are important.

The good news is we can start doing things today to make our lives easier.

Ways to improve your life

A few years ago, I learned a practice from one of my mentors to reduce the number of things we commit to. The metaphor used was to image having a plate of food that was our ideal portion size.

Any time we added more food, the costs included gaining weight over time, and not feeling our best immediately after eating, which will affect our energy levels and our level of performance.

The recommendation was if we wanted more food then we had to eliminate some of the food we already had on our plate, otherwise we should say no. Therefore, before saying yes to anything new, it was beneficial to acknowledge we already had a full plate and something had to give before we should say yes.

I ended up implementing a “No first then reconsider” policy for a full year. No matter what new requests came through, that was outside of my normal responsibilities, I said no. While some people didn’t take to it well, I knew it would help me do what I had already committed to, better and with more enthusiasm.

As a result of that policy, I eliminated projects, reduced my socialising to almost zero and did not take on any additional projects. That year was one of my most productive years as I was able to focus better and do the things I wanted to do with a lot more energy and enjoyment.

While I currently don’t have that policy in place, I am applying a variation of it, which is helping me be more effective and finish things in a timely manner.

10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Life Easier

  1. Get rid of things. The more things we have, the more space they take up and the more energy is required to maintain or take care of them. Being less attached to material things is a practice that can do wonders to the quality of our lives.
  2. Pay more attention to your mental, emotional and physical health. We know our overall health and well-being dictates so much of what we will or will not do. The more the different aspects of ourselves are in alignment, the better our lives will be. Ensuring we eat well, get enough exercise and sleep daily are simple things we can focus on now.
  3. Reconnect to what makes you happy. Many people go after things they believe will make them happy, only to find that those things aren’t important at all. Being able to identify what we’re passionate about and spending more time doing those things will lead to more happiness and a sense of meaning or satisfaction in life.
  4. Look for ways to save time. As time is one of the biggest challenges we face, we have to be more efficient in how we do things. This may involve doing common or everyday tasks in batches, outsourcing or delegating tasks and avoid multitasking, which will make us more ineffective.
  5. Reduce your digital exposure. We’re constantly bombarded with digital input from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. Ways to reduce our digital exposure can be to delete apps from our smart devices, turn off notifications on our devices, unsubscribe from emails, and spend less time on social media platforms.
  6. Spend time with those that matter most. With the time we save from less digital exposure, it gives us more opportunities to do things that matter to us and with those who are important. Today, we are more digitally connected, but are craving for more real or face-to-face connection with people.
  7. Review your expenses regularly. While this may not be a very exciting thing to do, it does impact the choices we’re able to make. As we cannot improve something we don’t measure, by reviewing our expenses regularly, whether that’s weekly or monthly, we’ll be able to identify ways to cut our expenses. Any savings we make can be put towards other more meaningful things.
  8. Read a book instead of scrolling on your device. Many of us are time-poor and struggle to do things that will help us over the long-term like learning new skills or acquiring new knowledge. If we don’t touch our devices as often, we will free up time to do more valuable things.
  9. Practice self-kindness. We tend to make our lives more difficult than it needs to be because of the decisions we make and as a result, we beat ourselves about it, if things don’t go well. That destroys our motivation, therefore it’s more valuable to learn to be kinder to ourselves. How we treat ourselves is often reflected in how we treat those around us.
  10. Keep a clean environment. When our physical space is cluttered, it makes us feel out of sync and that our lives are chaotic. A messy physical environment uses up more mental energy, which leaves us feeling depleted to do what we want to do. The better we design our environments, the easier our lives will be.

The more focus we give to making our lives easier, the better our chances we’ll do so. As we do things to make our lives easier, we’ll live happier, more fulfilling lives, and inspire others to do so.

Action Step: Choose one of the things from the list above and do it within the next week. Notice the difference it makes to your life and also to how you feel. Continue adding more things in order to make your life easier.

Question: What is something else we can do to make our lives easier?

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