10 Things to Remember When You Really Struggle to Achieve Your Goals

Mon Jul 6, 2015

Goals give us direction and purpose for the things we do and want to achieve.

While setting goals can be relatively quick and easy, achieving them can sometimes be a real struggle.

Unfortunately, so many people let their struggles get the better of them, which causes them to give up or abandon their goals.

Whenever we struggle to achieve our goals, it doesn’t mean we should stop taking action to move closer towards our goals. It may mean we have to take a different approach.

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I’ve had a health-related goal that has felt like a struggle for over five years. Whenever I make progress, something happens, like an injury or a physical discomfort, that causes me to slow down.

While sometimes it’s frustrating, I know these hiccups are only temporary and will soon pass. All I can do is to continue to stay committed to my goal and my reason for wanting to achieve the goal.

10 Things to Remember When You Struggle to Achieve Your Goals

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals or have even contemplated quitting them, here are some important reminders that can help you get back on track, refocus and recommit to achieving them. It’s also important to know that quitting your goal is sometimes your best option.

  1. Struggle is part of the journey to success. Rather than try to avoid struggle, recognise it’s necessary and inevitable as we try to achieve something new. In project planning, struggles are labelled as risks, and strategies are often identified to mitigate those risks. Similarly, when we set goals, it will be very helpful to be aware of things that can hinder our progress and come up with strategies to overcome them.
  2. My motivation behind my goal is being questioned. It’s easy to set goals we have no emotional connection to. Think about New Year’s resolutions — how many people do you know that have successfully stuck to their resolutions a couple of months after they set them? It’s probably a small number. This is why our struggles challenge our motivation or reasons for wanting to achieve a particular goal.
  3. I am developing the quality of persistence. Anything worth achieving is worth fighting for. This means sometimes our goals will take longer than we expect. This will require us to be patient with ourselves and stay on course by continuing to take the actions necessary to achieve our goals.
  4. My creativity and problem-solving muscles are being developed. One of Albert Einstein’s most famous quote is, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” When we’re struggling with our goals, it may mean we must look at our challenges from new perspectives to come up with new solutions.
  5. Success will be so much sweeter because of my struggles. Often, when we accomplish something easily, the reward isn’t as fulfilling compared to things we’ve achieved after a struggle. There is a much greater intrinsic reward when we accomplish something after we have faced a struggle.
  6. I don’t have to go through my struggles on my own. Chances are if we’re struggling with a particular goal, someone else has already had the same struggles. If we’re willing to reach out and ask for guidance or support, we’ll be able to navigate through our struggles a lot quicker and with a lot less stress.
  7. I have overcome challenges before and I will do it again. We’ve all overcome many challenges in life so struggling with achieving certain goals should not be daunting or scary. As mentioned previously, it’s all part of the process, and the experience of overcoming challenges previously should give us the confidence we can overcome these temporary challenges we are facing now.
  8. This is an opportunity for me to grow. The real reason for setting goals is to challenge ourselves to develop and grow as a person. When we’re faced with challenges, they cause us to tap into aspects of ourselves that we didn’t know we had. The best part about this is once we’ve tapped into those unused resources within us, we’ll always have access to them.
  9. If I have set a goal, I am more than capable of achieving it. We wouldn’t consider achieving a certain goal if we didn’t have the ability to achieve it. This is why it pays to dream big dreams and set big goals.

    It’s important to know that when achieving a certain goal enters our consciousness, it means we already have the capability of achieving it. We may be required to learn some new things, develop skills we don’t currently have, but they’re just steps along the way. We already have the capability to achieve it.
  10. I am grateful for my struggles for they are building my character. Whenever we focus on our struggles and give more attention to them, we tend to attract more struggles. Instead, it’s much more beneficial to acknowledge our challenges, but shift our focus to finding solutions to our challenges. Every struggle or challenge is building our capacity to deal with bigger challenges ahead in life.

Going through some personal struggle is not always a bad thing when we are trying to achieve our goals. If we’re able to overcome our struggles, they will make us stronger, more resilient and better equipped to deal with other struggles we’ll encounter in life. The key is to stay on course and make the necessary adjustments as required when we struggle to achieve our goals.

Action Step: Look back at any goals, in the past or you currently have, and think of how you dealt with any struggles or challenges you faced while trying to achieve your goals. What will you do differently next time you are struggling to achieve your goals?

Question: What is something else to remember if we are struggling to achieve our goals?


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