10 Things You Could Do If You Get Up Earlier

I am an early riser. It is a habit that I have developed over many years. There are many mornings I’d rather just stay in bed and sleep longer.

However getting up earlier has been extremely beneficial for me. I do realise that not everyone prefers getting up earlier.

There are many who prefer to stay up late up and get things done at night. While one preference may not be any better than the other, it comes down to knowing when you work best and setting up habits that support you in being the most productive you can be.

benefits of rising early

Here are ten things you could do if you got up say, an hour earlier, each morning, which over time, can lead to a radical improvement in what you accomplish.

  1. Give yourself some quiet time. In an increasingly noisy world, having some quiet time is a gift we should give ourselves. During that quiet time, we can meditate, contemplate or reflect on things, visualise the future we want to create or just be with our thoughts. A quiet mind is usually a strong and productive mind.
  2. Write that book you want to. Do you know that if you wrote 250 words a day, which amounts to about two or three paragraphs, over the course of a year, that will amount to more than 60,000 words? That is equivalent to writing a whole book in one year!
  3. Read or watch something uplifting or empowering. Starting off the day on a positive note by reading or watching something motivational can give us such a boost. As bad news or negativity is all around us, intentionally doing something that inspires us will benefit us throughout our day.
  4. Learn a new skill or improve current skills. How often do we hear from others that they are time poor and cannot find the time to learn something new? As more and more learning is now happening online, the extra time in the morning is perfect for those who want to learn a new skill or improve an area they want to.
  5. Do something physical. This is something I struggle with. Unless I do something physical early on in the day, like going for a walk or doing stretches or yoga, I find that the busyness of my day often results in me not doing something physical. Therefore having the extra time in the morning takes the pressure off in trying to fit everything into an already full day.
  6. Plan out your day for maximum effectiveness. I’m big on planning your next day the night before. Having a plan or schedule to follow is so important in order to prevent other distractions from hijacking your day. If you don’t typically create a plan the night before, then this time in the morning is perfect to set out the plan for your day.
  7. Complete any work left from the previous day. There are many occasions when we have work left over from the previous day so having some extra time in the morning allows us to continue where we left off.
  8. Do research for that important project you’re working on. Oftentimes, we may see something online that we don’t have the time then to read or watch, which may be important for a project we’re working on. Therefore getting up earlier offers us the opportunity to do some extra research for projects we’re working on.
  9. Journal your previous day’s experiences. As someone who journals daily, which is a habit I wanted to develop, finding some additional time during the day can be challenging. If for some reason you’re unable to journal at night, then this time in the morning could be perfect for reflecting back on your previous day and capturing anything you think is important.
  10. Get an early start to your day. This may seem quite obvious. When we get up early, we can get started early on the things we need to do that day and make tremendous progress before others even start their day. I know in the past, I’ve gotten up at 4.00am to start working and by 8.00am, I had done half a days’ work before others even started their day.

Getting up earlier offers tremendous benefits if it is done consistently. Even starting off small, like getting up ten minutes earlier to do any one of these things, will make a difference. All it takes is the discipline to start. Try it and see for yourself what a difference it makes.

Question: What is something else we could do if we got up earlier?

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