10 Things You Won’t Consider Doing If You Are Serious About Making This Your Best Year Ever

There wouldn’t be too many people who do not want this year to be a good year.

As progressive human beings, we are always striving for more in life — more happiness, more fun, better health, better relationships and a better life.

Continually striving for more can be both a good or a bad thing, depending on how we look at it. If we take the premise that the reason to strive for more is to challenge ourselves to grow and become the best we can be, then there are certain things we won’t consider doing.

how to achieve more success this year

If we want this year to be a great year, then it’s quite obvious we must be committed, focused and disciplined about what we want to create this year. Here are ten things to avoid if you’re serious about making this your best year yet.

  1. Not being clear about what you want to achieve this year. It will be extremely difficult to evaluate your year if you don’t have projects or goals you’d like to accomplish. Goals give us direction and focus. They also indicate whether we’re on track or not. If you haven’t set clear, measurable and relevant goals that have a deadline, then it’s time to set some.
  2. Not looking after your mental, emotional and physical health. It’s really hard to do our best work or be fully engaged and present when we’re not at our best either mentally, emotionally or physically. Therefore we must be diligent about what we’re giving our attention to and the input we’re either putting into our mind or our body. Having a regular practice of letting go of negative thoughts and emotions along with a regular exercise routine can do us wonders.
  3. Spending money on things that aren’t in your best interest. I think we’ve all been guilty of this. Making impulse purchases or buying things that don’t support us long term like eating junk food are examples of wasting money. This is why being clear about what you want to achieve this year is so important because it’s what will guide your behaviours and actions throughout the year.
  4. Making up excuses for not taking action. In order to achieve a new result, we must be willing to take new actions. While saying we are going to do something is easy, like exercising five times a week, actually following through is a lot harder. This is where those who set New Year’s resolutions tend to fail — it is easy to come up with excuses not to do something. Be clear on your motivations or your reasons for wanting to achieve something because they will keep you going when challenges come up.
  5. Neglecting other priorities. Some high achievers tend to put a lot of their focus on their professional lives, and less emphasis on their personal lives. There are times when it will be necessary to do so but those need to be exceptions, not the norm. We have different aspects to our lives and we must ensure that proper attention is given to those areas throughout the year otherwise the consequences could be dire. Knowing what your priorities are is critical.
  6. Not being diligent about how you spend your time. We all get the same amount of time each day and each week. How we use our time determines what we achieve and what we don’t achieve. If we’re serious about making this our best year ever, we’ll avoid meaningless conversations like gossiping, complaining about things we cannot control, watching meaningless television, waste time surfing the internet or engaging in activities that aren’t in our best interest. Time is one of our most precious resource and we must protect our time at all costs.
  7. Not celebrating small successes. We all have different priorities and different measures of success. While someone may have a goal to have a global impact, another person may have a goal of improving something at home. One is no better than the other if that is what you are called to do. The key is to stop and celebrate your successes before moving onto your next challenge or goal. We are all worth it.
  8. Not being willing to say no. We cannot keep saying yes to every new request, invitation or opportunity that comes our way because it can only lead to overwhelm, stress or frustration. Being willing to say no is a critical ingredient for success. Start developing the habit of saying no even if it is uncomfortable or difficult. The rewards will outweigh that initial discomfort you may feel.
  9. Trying to do everything on your own. This can be really challenging especially for solo entrepreneurs who think they cannot afford to get help. There is only so much we can do in a day and in order to better leverage our time, it makes sense to get outside help. Sometimes it may be as simple as asking for help and sometimes it may mean we need to pay for help. Either way, having support throughout the year will reap huge benefits by the end of the year.
  10. Not investing in yourself. You are the most valuable investment you can make. You can only perform at the level you’re comfortable at. In order to go to a higher level of performance or to go to the next stage of your evolution, you must be willing to invest in yourself. Identify what areas you would like to develop in and find relevant resources that can assist you. As an example, one area I would like to improve this year is my memory so I have invested in training programs designed to strengthen my memory.

We can all make this year our best year ever if we have a plan, are committed and get on with what we have to do. These ideas are simple however they will make a huge difference by the end of the year if you apply them. Let’s commit to making this our best year ever.

Question: What are you committed to doing to make this your best year ever?

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