10 Truths That Will Change How You Live Your Life

Things About Life to Remember in Order to Focus on What’s Really Important

Everything we do in life is driven by our desire to experience certain emotions. At our core, we have a deep desire to be happy and feel positive emotions.

We go about acquiring those emotions in different ways. For some people, it may be having a successful career. For others, it may be being a great parent. For someone else, it may be doing charity or volunteer work.

As we go about our daily lives, it can be easy to lose our connection to the big picture about life. In the pursuit of what we believe will bring us happiness, we sometimes forget some simple or brutal truths about life.

We always need to keep sight of the important things in life and not let our busyness act as a mask for how we are living our lives.

Truths about life to remember

10 Truths to Never Forget About Life

  1. Life is short. We never know when we will be out of time. The truth is we will all die one day and so will our loved ones. We have to make the best of our lives while we still have time. We also have to learn to make each day count towards something more meaningful to us.
  2. Happiness is a choice. If we’re obsessed with finding happiness and continue chasing it, we’ll miss the joy of living in the moment. Happiness is something we already have within us. We have to become better at generating it more consistently in our lives.
  3. Worrying is a waste of your mental energy. We’re all guilty of worrying about things that are not our concern or beyond our control. When we give attention to things that are outside our ability to influence the end result, we’re really wasting mental energy. It has been said that worrying is negative goal setting.
  4. Everyone is doing the best they can to deal with life. Sometimes we may get frustrated with a person’s behaviour because they don’t align with ours. No one goes out to try and make their lives worse. We all have a desire for more and want to make our lives better. We have to learn to look at things from other people’s perspective as well.
  5. Material wealth won’t make you happier or a better person. A material thing will never bring us lasting happiness. One of my mentors says that if we’re not willing to give or lend something we own, then that thing owns us. Material wealth should always be a vehicle for us to do more good things in the world.
  6. Time is your most precious resource. We can never earn or buy back time. We have to use our time wisely. Today, we’re more distracted than ever and are guilty of wasting time more than we ever have in the history of the world. We have to become better with our time and also be willing to give our time for the greater good.
  7. Having big dreams is worthless unless you act on them. We all have dreams and so many of our dreams do not become a reality because we don’t do anything to make them come true. Having ambition is fine but it really means nothing without execution. We have to put in the work and be willing to start making our dreams come true even before we feel we’re ready.
  8. Your intuition is always guiding you. In our busy and noisy lives, we often fail to hear that quiet voice within us that’s always prompting us to do the right things. Learning to tap into our intuition is one of the most valuable skills we can learn. We have to learn to live with the belief that life is happening for us instead of happening to us.
  9. The busier life gets, the more stillness you need. Our lives will continue to get busier and busier unless we’re willing to go within, get centred or grounded, and listen to the quiet voice within. This is where our intuition can be a valuable tool to help us design our lives the way we want.
  10. Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do. Investing in ourselves isn’t selfish. It’s one of the most worthwhile things we can do. The more we invest in ourselves, the greater our level of self-awareness will be. The greater our level of self-awareness, the better decisions we can make as to how we can create better lives for ourselves and others.

Coming back to these truths can give us a better perspective on life and help us stay focused on what really matters to us. It’s also a good way to decide what can be eliminated from our lives. The more we live from these truths, the more meaningful our lives will be.

Action Step: Set between 10-15 minutes every week for self-reflection. Come back to these truths often and use them to make better decisions in your life.

Question: What is another truth that can change how we live our lives?

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