10 Uncomfortable Things That Will Make You More Successful

New Habits That Will Lead to Greater Success and Happiness

Even though we all have different definitions of success, one thing certain is that if we want more success, we must be willing to be uncomfortable.

It’s very rare to attain greater levels of success without challenging ourselves in new ways, which often will cause us to be uncomfortable.

Anyone who has achieved noteworthy success will admit that the success we are seeking is often outside our comfort zone or outside of things we are familiar with.

To achieve new levels of success will require us to take new actions, which often means doing things we have not done before. One of the best things about life is we are always receiving feedback via our results.

If we are not getting the results we want, that’s feedback that we have to do different things to eventually get the results we want.

If we are always comfortable, it means:

  • We are not growing and evolving.
  • We are not challenging ourselves.
  • We may miss opportunities to learn from new experiences or even from our failures.
  • We may become stagnant and play life at a level we are used to.
  • We may not have the confidence to do what’s necessary to create the results we want.

Intentionally putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations will develop our mental muscles to deal with whatever comes our way.

Habits of successful people that lead to more happiness

I remember when I first started my business over a decade ago, one thing I struggled with was networking with other business owners and confidently speaking about what I did. Initially, I would attend one or two networking meetings and only speak to people I had spoken to previously, because it was comfortable.

Over time, as I improved my ability to communicate, my self-confidence also grew and I was able to share what I did and how I could help other business owners achieve what they wanted. I also improved my skills as a speaker and was able to stand in front of audiences of various sizes and talk about my services.

With practice, the thing that used to make me very uncomfortable now became one of my key strengths, and it also allowed me to expand the services I provided.

Here are ten things, that may appear to be uncomfortable initially, but with practice and time, will help us become more successful in the future.

  1. Get up early. One of my mentors talks about the 6.00am Club, meaning that by 6.00am, we are ready to start our day. Using the first 30 minutes to an hour each day to do specific routines or rituals will condition our minds to be strong, productive and focused on our priorities.
  2. Ask for what you want. People often don’t achieve the success they want because they are not willing to ask for what they want. Asking for what we want requires courage because we do face the possibility of being rejected. However, rejection is a myth and the more we are willing to ask for what we want, the better our chances of getting what we want.
  3. Expand your network. It has been said that our network determines our net-worth. In order to play at a higher level in life, we have to hang around people who are playing at a higher level than us. This may require investing our way into different networks via seminars, coaching programs or mastermind events.
  4. Focus less on entertainment and more on education. Unsuccessful people are more interested in being entertained rather than educating themselves. As things are evolving and changing so fast now, it’s even more important that we keep up with changes to our profession or industry. Instead of wasting time on entertainment, spending that time on education will serve us in the future.
  5. Let go of people who are not growing. Oftentimes, as we start to invest in ourselves and grow, people around us may feel threatened or left behind. Sometimes, we may face ridicule, criticism and be judged even by those closest to us. When we let go of people who are holding us back, we open the way for new people to come into our lives.
  6. Find your life’s work. The most important work we can do is to do what we are meant to do in our lifetime — living our purpose in life. Leaving work we’re comfortable with to pursue something that is more aligned with our calling in life takes courage. The things we enjoy and our passions in life are often clues to our life’s work.
  7. Improve your communication skills. Communication is a critical skill if we want to be more successful. This can be verbal, written, body language or our presence. The better our communication skills, the better we will be at either asking for what we want or sharing who we are and what we do.
  8. Invest in your health and well-being. If we don’t have our health, we really don’t have anything in life. Having optimal health means looking after ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The better our health, the more we will be willing to do the work necessary to achieve the success we want.
  9. Sacrifice things that have no long-term benefit. In our instant gratification mindset, it’s very easy to focus on the quick win or the quick fix. While having quick wins does have its benefits, if we want long-term and sustainable success, then we must be willing to do things with the long-term view in mind. Sometimes we may not see results for a long time but if we have the discipline to continue doing what’s necessary, the results will come.
  10. Take full responsibility for all aspects of your life. It’s very difficult to achieve great levels of success without taking responsibility for everything that happens to us. There will be many occasions when things don’t go our way and it will be very tempting to complain or blame others for our lack of results. But if we are willing to take full responsibility, then we’re more likely to make adjustments to our behaviours and actions to get the results we want.

If we want to attain greater levels of success, we have to be willing to be uncomfortable more often. As the saying goes, “We have to become comfortable being uncomfortable.” As we achieve greater levels of success, how uncomfortable we’re willing to get will also expand, which is a good thing.

Action Step: Choose one thing from the list above and start applying it this week until you’re comfortable with it. Then move onto another thing until you have integrated all ten things into your life.

Question: What is another thing that could make us uncomfortable but also lead to more success in life?

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