10 Valuable Things Successful People Never Fail To Do

One thing I have learned is that in order to get better results in life, I must be willing to learn from those who are already getting the results I want.

The principle of modelling others is a powerful strategy for accelerating our success.

The best way to apply the concept of modelling is to study and learn from successful people. It is highly probable that they have made mistakes and learned things through experience, plus they have developed habits which leads to better results. Their knowledge and experience can provide us with valuable insights to reach our goals much faster.

Sometimes, we can do everything a successful person has done to achieve a particular result but we may not get the same result. This is because we can only do things the way we know best at that time and the result we get will be a reflection of our level of awareness at that time.

Rather than try and replicate all the steps successful people take to achieve a particular result, what is more beneficial is to adopt the habits or behaviours they have developed.

things successful people do differently

I know when I wanted to become more consistent with content creation, I discovered that one thing all successful content creators had in common was they scheduled blocks of time in their calendar weekly to create new content.

That was something I was not doing so I started scheduling between 5-10 hours every week for content creation. Not only has it helped me create content consistently, it has also dramatically improved the quality of the content I create.

Over the years, I have adopted numerous habits and behaviours of successful people. While there are many things highly successful people do, here are ten valuable things I have found that they never fail to apply, which helps them get the results they do.

  1. Implement new ideas immediately. This is also known as speed of implementation. There is a false idea we’ve been led to believe and that is “knowledge is power.” Knowledge is “potential” power because we live in a knowledge-based or information-based world now. What is more powerful is being able to implement an idea we learn as quickly as possible. The faster we are able to apply a new idea, the quicker we’ll know whether it is working for us or not.
  2. Commit to continuous and never-ending improvement. We can never stop learning. Our world is changing everyday and we must continuously grow and challenge ourselves to be better. We are all time poor but there are strategies we can adopt to find time each week to develop ourselves.
  3. Seek continuous feedback. Feedback is known as the breakfast of champions because champions never settle for what they have accomplished. They want to get better. Asking for feedback is mandatory if we want to continually go to the next level. This can be achieved through a mentoring or coaching relationship.
  4. Have a positive network or mastermind. Being around like-minded people is extremely important if we want to maintain a healthy mindset. Our environments play a vital role in the types of thoughts we think and the actions we take. Having a positive peer network can often provide us with the inspiration and motivation we need to achieve big goals.
  5. Set goals or have specific projects to focus on. Ultimately we must know where we want to go or what we want to achieve. Having specific goals or projects we want to accomplish is critical to our success. Only 3% of people set goals and it is no surprise that the top 3% of people in the world earn around 95% of all the wealth generated. It pays to set goals or have projects to complete.
  6. Make decisions fast. Whenever we take a long time to make decisions, we use up so much mental energy which affects our ability to concentrate or focus on what we are doing. Being able to make decisions fast is a skill that is developed through practice and experience. Not making a decision is a decision itself. One thing to always remember is decisions are very rarely disastrous. Even if we have made a wrong decision at the time, we can always make the necessary adjustments and get back on track.
  7. Focus on what’s most important rather than being busy. Successful people are often focused on the needle-moving strategies rather than focus on tactics that don’t have a big impact. It is so easy for us to get caught up in our day-to-day activities and lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish. This is why having goals or projects can help keep us focused on what’s important.
  8. Be willing to make mistakes in order to learn faster. We can acquire all the knowledge or information we think we need but nothing will accelerate our success more than real-life experience. In order to gain experience, successful people know that sometimes things won’t work out. We always learn more from our failures than from our successes so the lesson is to be okay with making mistakes.
  9. Keep things simple. The most effective strategies or tactics are often the simplest things to apply. Lack of clarity and confusion often leads to procrastination and overwhelm. When we start complicating things we should be doing, that’s when we’re more likely to fall behind with our projects and delay our success. Being able to keep things simple is a valuable skill to develop.
  10. Take time out to reflect on things. We all need to give ourselves a break regularly and check in on how we are tracking. Having a regular practice of reflecting is extremely beneficial as we often get new insights or ideas when we’re in a quiet, reflective state. This is why having a practice of journalling or meditation is highly valuable.

We are so fortunate that we are able to utilise technology today to learn and apply things faster in order to reach the level of success we want. By learning from others who have achieved the results we want, we can accelerate our progress and achieve what we want a lot easier.

The other alternative is to keep doing things the way we have been doing them and continue getting the same type of results. I know I prefer to achieve my goals a lot quicker and I think you do too.

Action Step: Choose the one thing or habit you want to implement from the list above. Schedule time in your diary or calendar to focus on that one thing until it becomes a habit for you. Then move onto the next thing.

Question: What is something valuable you have learned from someone who has achieved the level of success you want?

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