10 Ways to Boost Positive Energy in Your Life

Fri Jul 27, 2018

There are days when we don’t feel at our best and our energy level is not where we want it to be.

We sometimes feel flat or down, whether it’s due to our daily stresses, or if we’ve experienced disappointment, or maybe we did not get enough sleep the night before.

No matter what our reasons are for not being at our best, if we don’t do something to get ourselves feeling energised again, we will:

  • Go through our day with lower motivation and focus.
  • Increase the likelihood of making mistakes as we’re working.
  • Not produce our best quality work.
  • Take longer to finish tasks or projects.
  • Feel disappointed because we may not have given our best effort.

There are simple and practical things we can do to re-energise and give ourselves an energy boost, without resorting to choices such as energy drinks, coffee or eating unhealthy foods.

how to increase positive energy

how to boost positive energy

One thing I tend to do when I’m not feeling at my best is to drink more water than usual. Feeling hydrated again causes me to be more active with my body rather than being slouched or slumped over.

Another thing I normally do is to breathe heavily in short bursts, a few times every hour, until I feel my energy level is back to where I expect it to be.

When we feel tired, we usually take in shorter or shallower breaths, therefore by focusing on slower, deeper breaths, our energy level will start to pick up again.

10 Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels

  1. Be outdoors in nature. This may not always be an option, however it’s the easiest and quickest ways to re-energise. Getting fresh air and even some sunlight will help make us feel more alive and alert.
  2. Make yourself laugh. Laughter can cure a lot of things. Doing something that will make us laugh, whether that’s watching or listening to something funny, or having a conversation with someone who will make us laugh, is always helpful.
  3. Practice positive self-talk. Saying, “I’m tired” or “I don’t want to do anything today” is not productive. Instead, changing our self-talk to something like, “I’m feeling so much better as the day goes on” or “I going to make this another productive day” is more beneficial.
  4. Release tension or stress. Most times, the build-up of stress, worry or unproductive thinking causes us to not feel good. By learning to release unhealthy emotions, whether it’s through speaking to someone or using releasing techniques, we’ll find it a lot easier to make ourselves feel better again.
  5. Celebrate a win or milestone. Any accomplishment, no matter how small it is, will help us feel energised and motivated. Knowing we’re making progress will give our energy levels a boost when we need it.
  6. Focus on your mental, emotional and physical well-being. The better we manage the input we’re feeding ourselves, the better our output will be. Better input may include not engaging in negative conversations, eating healthy foods, staying hydrated and moving our bodies throughout the day.
  7. Connect with uplifting or encouraging people. We thrive when we’re connected to other people. If we have positive or supportive people around us, it’ll be a lot easier to pick ourselves up when we’re not feeling our best.
  8. Have things to focus on. The less distracted we are, the more energy we’ll give to what needs to be done. Producing or completing things will help us stay focused, which will also improve our mood or attitude throughout the day.
  9. Do something surprising for someone. Making someone else feel good through a nice gesture or an act of kindness will also make us feel good and feel more energised. It can be as simple as giving someone a compliment.
  10. Ask better-feeling questions. The questions we ask ourselves often impacts our attitude and energy levels. Sometimes when things are not going well, we can reframe our experience by asking questions such as, “What opportunity can this experience bring?” or “What can I learn from this so I can continue to improve?”

Our energy dictates everything we do. We cannot operate at a high level if we have low energy. If we know we’re not feeling our best, we can always do things to quickly shift our focus and change our energy levels.

If we do, we’ll feel our usual selves again; if we don’t, there’s a good possibility our day won’t be as memorable as we’d like it to be. We always have a choice to shift or boost our energy levels whenever we want.

Action Step: Next time you’re not feeling your best, start with the two simplest things you can do, which is to go outside and get some fresh air and sunlight, and to pay more attention to your breathing.

Question: What is another way we can boost positive energy in our lives?


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