3 Ways to Find Who You Can Serve

All too often, I meet business owners or service professionals who say their product or service is for everybody.

While that may well be true, the reality is that they cannot market to everyone. Unfortunately for most of them, their marketing efforts do not resonate with most people and they end up being frustrated or start doubting themselves.

how to find your ideal client

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

Being able to maintain a consistent level of energy each day is vital if you want to be more productive.

If you’re like me, you probably have days where you feel unstoppable and nothing can slow you down. But you also have days where everything feels heavy, slow and it’s a drag to just get through the day.

I am constantly looking for ways to better manage my energy level and have experimented with a number of things over the years. Some things worked for me and some things did not. The things that have worked now enables me maintain a consistent high energy level every day.

ways to find more energy during the day