The Power Of Our Beliefs: Turning “Impossible” To “I’m Possible”

I recently came across a short documentary about a college student, who at a height of 5’5, trained himself to dunk a basketball at the normal height of 10 feet.

This video is an inspirational reminder of how important and powerful our beliefs really are.

My key takeaways from this video were:

  1. It doesn’t matter how small or large something is – if it’s important to you, go after it with everything you’ve got.
  2. Our biggest obstacle isn’t something externally — it’s always something within ourselves which we need to overcome.
  3. Why always comes before How. In this video, he wanted to prove to himself that anything was possible, which is what kept him training so hard until he achieved his goal.
  4. The power of perseverance — never give up! There will be obstacles along the way but keep coming back to your Why!

Question: What were some of your takeaways from the video?

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5 Easy Steps To Reduce Your Workload (Even If You Do Not Have Employees)

Even with all the tools available today to make processes or the completion of projects easier, the workload for business owners or entrepreneurs has never been greater.

With more options comes more distractions, which can result in inefficiencies and unproductive behaviours. Oftentimes, this leads to the feeling of being overwhelmed and a loss in motivation to complete projects.

We all want to experience the sense that things are flowing with ease in our lives. Therefore, having less things to do is really the starting point. A lot of productivity methodologies these days focus on how we can do more with less, either in less time or with less resources.

While that is valid and is very useful, wouldn’t it make sense to reduce our workload in the first place so we have less things to deal with?

easy ways to reduce workload

5 Ways To Stay Motivated (Even When You Do Not Want To)

A few months ago, I was feeling rundown, exhausted and unmotivated. Although I had a number of projects to complete and knew exactly what I needed to do, I just didn’t want to do it.

I noticed myself looking for other things to do that were totally unimportant, in order to feel like I was doing something. Have you ever experienced a situation like that? You know what you need to do but you just don’t want to do it or couldn’t be bothered doing it!

Luckily for me, I was able to recognise my behaviour and quickly turned it around. Reflecting back on that experience, I was in an unmotivated state for about a week. I had to do something different so I applied some of the tactics below.

While it may not be necessary to apply all of them, applying one or two of them will make a positive difference and help us get back our motivation.

ways to be motivated

5 Strategies For Promoting Websites

One of the best ways to boost brand awareness is to have a strong online presence. Having a website with relevant content is a great starting point.

However that is not enough. With so many websites competing for attention, we need to be doing things differently in order to get more people to take notice of our websites.

ways to promote a website

5 Ways To Deal With Conflict In A Team

If you are a part of a team, there is a strong chance that you’ve witnessed or even experienced conflict in your team.

Whenever there are differences in opinions, disagreements are going to occur.

Conflict in a team can be a good thing however, if it is not handled well, it can have some serious negative consequences for a team.

how to manage conflict in a team

5 Productivity Apps Worth Considering

It is quite rare now to meet someone who does not have a smart device.

These smart devices control pretty much everything we do and the apps that are now available seem to be getting better and better.

There is literally an app for everything. There are a lot of apps that will waste your time and there are apps that will help make you more productive.

popular productivity apps

Build It And They Will Come… Truth or Lie?

The movie, Field of Dreams, popularized the phrase “Build it and they will come.”

That concept worked really well for Kevin Costner’s character in the movie however, can it really work for you if you’re in business or for your marketing efforts?

Most entrepreneurs see themselves as big dreamers or even visionaries.

Consider the likes of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. One thing they had in common was that they believed they could change the world with what they had to offer. And they did!

the myth about build it and they will come