5 Easy Ways To Avoid Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a major downfall for many of us.

We set high standards for ourselves and have this notion that the more time and effort we put into something, the better the end result we will produce.

You may be thinking that perfectionism isn’t something that’s an issue for you. Well, do any of these apply to you?

  • You are quick to criticise yourself if you make mistakes or do not meet the expectations you have set for yourself.
  • You spend hours refining a piece of work that you don’t end up using anyway.
  • You tend to focus on what has gone wrong, even if it was something really minor, rather than focus on the things that have gone right.
  • You’ve had products you’ve never released because you think it isn’t complete or good enough to be released.

how to stop being a perfectionist

A 10-Step Checklist To Kickoff Your Week For Maximum Results

The way we commence our week has a huge effect on the results we accomplish during the week.

Therefore it makes a lot of sense to start our week right.

When we start off our week on the right note, it sets us up to:

  • Be more focused on outcomes rather than activities.
  • Have greater clarity on what we want to achieve.
  • Get more done during the week.

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How To Get Back On Track If You Are About To Miss Your Goals

Setting goals can be easy to do. After-all, it doesn’t require much more effort than to think of the goals we want to achieve and write them down.

This first step is usually the easiest part however the process of actually achieving those goals can be a lot more challenging.

If you’re one of the few people who actually sets goals, then you’ve probably achieved some goals and also may have missed some goals. It has been predicted that only around 3% of the population sets goals and of those 3%, an even smaller percentage actually ever achieve their goals.

how to get back on track towards achieving goal

5 Reasons Why Smiling Can Make You A Better Leader

Do you know it actually takes more effort to frown or scowl than it is to smile? When we smile, we actually use less muscles than when we are angry or upset.

If that is the case, then doesn’t it make sense to smile more? Why is it that leaders find it challenging to smile more often?

When I had a corporate career, prior to having a managerial or leadership role, I was a very relaxed, happy-go-lucky person. I certainly was happier and smiled a lot more when interacting with my work colleagues.

When I was promoted to a managerial role and had overall responsibility for a manufacturing site, the way I interacted with others certainly changed. I was now more serious, tense and felt the pressure of being in charge of the success or failure of the site.

why should we smile more

10 Things You Could Do If You Get Up Earlier

I am an early riser. It is a habit that I have developed over many years. There are many mornings I’d rather just stay in bed and sleep longer.

However getting up earlier has been extremely beneficial for me. I do realise that not everyone prefers getting up earlier.

There are many who prefer to stay up late up and get things done at night. While one preference may not be any better than the other, it comes down to knowing when you work best and setting up habits that support you in being the most productive you can be.

benefits of rising early

10 Excuses That May Be Holding You Back From Living Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream. Whether it is to go on a vacation around the world or start a new career or buy that dream home, we all know what we’d love to do.

However when we look at how many people are actually living their dreams, it is quite sad that so few are fortunate enough to do the things they’d love to.

And what’s even sadder is the majority of people have settled for the life they know and have bought into their excuses as to why they cannot be living their dreams.

why people don’t achieve their dreams

5 Reasons Why Problems Should Be Welcomed

Life would be a whole lot easier if we didn’t have problems, right?

Not having problems would mean less stress, things or projects would get done a lot quicker and life would be so much simpler.

What if we could look at problems from a different perspective? Rather than trying to get rid or problems, what if we started to welcome problems? If we did that, could it actually help us?

easy ways to overcome problems

5 Ways You Are Telling Others Your Time Is Not Valuable

The one thing we all have in common is that we have the same amount of time each day.

How we use our time impacts just about everything we do and accomplish in life. Time really is the most important resource we have.

We all get 24 hours each day. Most adults sleep between six to eight hours per night. If we use six hours of sleep per night, that means an adult has 18 waking hours per day, which equates to 1,080 minutes per day or 64,800 seconds per day. So, how do you use the time available to you each day?

When it comes to valuing time, how would you rate yourself? Would you say you place a high value on your time? Or do you allow external conditions and demands to dictate what you do each day?

understanding the value of time

How To Get Through The Middle Stages Of A Project

Starting a new project is usually filled with excitement and a sense of what could be possible.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, doing something new is one of the things that is most appealing about being in business.

The same also applies to completing a project. The reward for the effort, time and energy invested in a project can be a great motivator to get the project finished.

There is another stage all projects must get through and that is the middle stage. This stage can be long, unappealing, repetitive and even uninspiring at times.

The harsh reality is most projects struggle and even come to an end at this stage. The middle stage is where most of the important activities take place and is the most difficult to get through.

how to finish projects