A Simple 21-Day Challenge For Feeling The Best You Have Ever Felt

Our emotions control how we behave, along with what we are or not willing to do.

When we experience positive emotions, that is, when we are feeling good, we are more likely to have create better experiences and enjoy life more.

Being able to manage our emotions is vital because our emotions influences our mood, our attitude, and our ability to be creative at any given time. When we’re not feeling our best, we generally tend to be down and not in a creative state.

The good news is we’re always in control of our emotions, not matter what the circumstances or what we experience. If we’re intentional in what we do each day, we can put ourselves in a highly empowered state, and also have a great experience of life.

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10 Habits Which Will Sabotage Your Productivity

We all want to do the best we can in whatever we choose to do.

Whether it is at home, in our business or at work, our level of productivity dictates how well we do the things we want to.

It is extremely important to eliminate habits that affect our productivity because these habits can delay the completion of tasks or projects, and may cause us unnecessary stress.

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5 Preventable Mistakes That Can Stop You From Achieving Your Goals This Year

We’re now well into the New Year! All the excitement and enthusiasm we had at the start of the year may be starting to wane slowly.

How are you progressing with your goals?

If you’ve been distracted or taken off track from your goals, it could be because you’re making one or some of the mistakes described below. If you continue to make these mistakes, then the chances of you actually achieving your goals will decrease dramatically.

If you’re able to avoid the mistakes shared below, you will save yourself time and effort, plus you’ll be able to reach your goals easier, and with a lot less stress.

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5 Ways To Determine Which New Skills Will Give You The Greatest Benefit

In our fast-changing world, we must be willing to continuously invest in ourselves and have a plan for upgrading our skills.

The concept of skill development is extremely important because when we improve existing skills or develop new ones, we’ll avoid being left behind, especially by new technology, and we’ll avoid the frustration of not knowing how to do something that could be vital for our career, business or personal life.

And if we have a plan for developing new skills, we’ll stay current with the latest developments in our industry or market, and we’ll be seen as one of the leaders or go-to experts by others.

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5 Proven Ways To Reduce Stress, Recharge And Refocus On Your Projects

It is very likely that as the weeks go by this year, things will happen which will cause us to get sidetracked, lose focus and become overwhelmed or stressed.

With everyone living such busy lives, getting stressed or frustrated is not going to do us any good at all.

Being in a state of tension and stress not only reduces our ability to do our best work, it decreases our creativity plus we’re more inclined to focus on what’s not going well for us. Getting stressed puts us in a negative state and that’s when we’re more likely to attract more of the things we don’t want.

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10 Things You Won’t Consider Doing If You Are Serious About Making This Your Best Year Ever

There wouldn’t be too many people who do not want this year to be a good year.

As progressive human beings, we are always striving for more in life — more happiness, more fun, better health, better relationships and a better life.

Continually striving for more can be both a good or a bad thing, depending on how we look at it. If we take the premise that the reason to strive for more is to challenge ourselves to grow and become the best we can be, then there are certain things we won’t consider doing.

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5 Ways To Take Control Of Your Mornings And Set Yourself Up For A Great Day

It is no surprise that highly productive people very rarely waste their mornings.

They are so disciplined in how they start their day because they know that if they have a great morning, they will almost always have a great day.

Many years ago, before I knew anything about how to set up my day for maximum productivity, I didn’t have a consistent way to start my day. I would do random things like iron my clothes before work, watch the morning news on television, or get up well after my alarm went off which caused me to rush to be on time for work.

Needless to say, starting off my day that way did not put me in a right frame of mind, and it certainly affected my productivity and effectiveness.

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30 Provocative Questions That Will Cause You To Reflect On What You’re Doing With Your Life

Being able to take time out and reflect on our life is extremely valuable, especially as most of us are leading very busy lives.

Whenever we reflect on all the things we have going on in our life, it gives us the opportunity to assess whether what we’re currently doing is moving us toward what we want or taking us further from what we want.

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7 Common Mistakes When Setting New Year’s Resolutions And How To Avoid Them

The start of a New Year brings new enthusiasm, optimism and a desire to make changes for the better.

While setting resolutions are good, studies have revealed that the majority of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within a month, if not earlier.

Most New Year’s resolutions are related to weight loss, eating healthier, earning more money, improving finances, getting a better job, getting into a new relationship, or improving existing relationships.

When we abandon our New Year’s resolutions, it can lower our self-esteem and our self-confidence, and cause us to believe that we’re incapable of making positive changes in our lives. This can leave us feeling worse about ourselves than when we actually set those New Year’s resolutions.

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