5 Proven Reasons Why It Is Important To Have Time Out

As busy professionals, the demands on our time is continuously increasing.

There are so many things that demand our attention, and even worse, there are many things that distract us from what we want to accomplish.

If we look at a number of professional sports like football or basketball, having timeouts are an important part of the sport, which allow teams to strategise and make adjustments to their game plan as required.

Applying that concept to our personal lives can be challenging. If you’re like me, allowing yourself to have time out is not something that comes easily.

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How To Become The Ultimate Architect Of Your Life

If we consider what an architect does, they plan, design, and oversee the construction of buildings.

If we replace construction of buildings with the quality of life, it makes perfect sense that we are actually the architect of our lives.

As the architect of our lives, we want to plan, design and take full ownership of the results we produce.

If you’re honest with yourself, how much time have you invested into planning and designing the life you really want?

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Why Starting Slow Is Better When Pursuing Important Goals

Being able to maintain motivation and momentum is challenging when pursuing goals. Our natural preference is for things to be easier and for us to achieve our goals fast.

However, is it better to achieve goals really easily or should they be challenging?

The starting point is to know the purpose of setting goals. While the actual achievement a goal is a benefit, the real purpose of setting goals is for us to go beyond our comfort zone and challenge ourselves to grow.

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5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Make Time For Your Passions

How often do you hear someone say they don’t have time to do something? Or they’ll get around to doing something they really want to someday?

The things we love to do or our passions are what makes us unique. However the sad truth is, so few of us are intentional about pursuing our passions because of our perceived lack of time.

You may wondering why it’s important to actually make time for our passions.

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5 Reasons Why A Loss Puts Things Into Perspective

Any loss we experience can be painful. Loss can come in many forms such as a sporting loss, a financial loss, a business loss, or losing a loved one.

While there are many more different types of losses, each one brings with it an opportunity to revaluate what we could have done differently, if we did not get the result we wanted.

The biggest loss, however, we can experience as human beings, is the loss of a loved one.

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10 Important Characteristics Of Mentally Strong People

We tend to be attracted to people we deem to be mentally strong. There is something about them which makes them composed, level-headed and admirable.

Throughout history, the people we have come to admire as leaders and as trend setters have all overcome insurmountable odds and achieved things that at one time may seemed impossible.

What are the characteristics mentally strong people possess?

Becoming aware of these characteristics is important because once we know what they are, we can apply them and improve all aspects of our lives.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mornings Applying These 5 Easy Steps

Why should we make better use of our mornings? After all, aren’t we all different and have different preferences for how we spend our day?

For some of us, the thought of getting up earlier is not something to look forward to. However, if we study the lives of highly successful and effective people, we will discover a common pattern among all of them — they get more done before most people have even started their day.

It has been proven that morning people:

  • Get more done each day.
  • Have healthier lifestyle habits.
  • Are happier and have a better quality life.
  • Earn more money.
  • Are more grounded or centred.

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5 Practical Options If You Hate What You Do For A Living

If you ask someone you know whether they enjoy what they do for a living, what do you think their answer will be?

It should not be a surprise if their answer is they don’t enjoy or even hate what they do. Numerous studies have revealed that up to 80% of people in the workforce are not fully engaged in what they do, with many disliking what they do for a living.

This doesn’t just apply to those who have a traditional job. It’s also applicable to business owners or entrepreneurs who may hate aspects of what they do in their business.

What we do for a living accounts for at least a third of our lives, so it’s important for our well-being that we make the most out of our working lives.

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5 Ways Discomfort Can Explode Your Personal Growth

It is quite a paradox that the things we strive for in life are the things that can stifle our growth.

The endless pursuit for success is driven by our need for comfort, security and certainty.

More success is equated to more comfort, which is very true in one aspect. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with wanting more comfort in life because when we’re comfortable, with our basic needs met, we’re more likely to be creative.

Creativity can lead to new and better results, which in turn, can provide more comfort and certainty. The concern is once we get too comfortable, it can cause us to not challenge ourselves. When we’re uncomfortable, that’s when we’re really tested.

It’s important to know how and why discomfort has an effect on us because we tend to grow in many aspects when we’re outside our comfort zone. If we’re not growing as a person, part of us will feel stagnant, lacking direction or purpose, and it can also affect our level of thinking and our emotions. These all have an effect on the types of results we achieve.

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