5 Important Skills You Now Require To Be More Successful

In these times of constant change, it is becoming increasingly necessary for us to keep up otherwise we risk getting left behind.

It is inevitable that the amount of change and the speed of change happening in the world will continue to increase.

If we don’t stay abreast of what is going on around us, we may continue to do things we had done previously, which may not be valid or relevant.

Eric Hoffer, author of The True Believer wrote, “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

skills required to be more successful

10 Enemies That Will Crush Your Greatness Every Day

We all do things everyday that are effortless to us, while at the same time, others may find those things challenging.

The things we do easily are often clues to our greatness.

The truth is we all have greatness within us however, we’ve had experiences that has caused us to hide or suppress our greatness.

The concept of greatness is important because when we are expressing it every day, we feel alive, have a sense of purpose, feel significant and have a positive outlook on life.

things that affect our greatness

10 Unhealthy Habits That Will Make You Miss Out On What You Want

We all have habits that are either beneficial to us or hinder our progress.

As we do most things habitually, we must always be aware of the things that are supporting us and those that are preventing us from achieving what we want.

Our unhealthy habits, if allowed to continue, can:

  • Restrict our progress without us even realising it.
  • Affect how we interact with those around us.
  • Prevent us from taking chances to get new or better results.
  • Lower our self-confidence, self-esteem and the level of trust others have in us.

Awareness of our unhealthy habits is vital if we want to make the necessary changes in order to get what we want.

ways to develop better habits

10 Valuable Things To Never Forget After A Painful Failure

It is often said that failure is necessary ingredient for success. However, when we experience failure, it can bring up all sorts of negative emotions.

Whenever we have a significant emotional event that results in failure, it can:

  • Affect our identify and self-esteem.
  • Cause us pain, shame, embarrassment and humiliation.
  • Make us question our ability to achieve what we want in life.
  • Cause us to avoid taking risks again or even quit on our dreams.

It’s important to be able to adequately process an experience we deem as “failure” because it will have an impact on what we are willing or not willing to do in the future.

how to deal with failure

10 Useful Tips That Will Help You Become A More Genuine Person Now

Do you ever find yourself more drawn to people who are authentic and real? There is something about them that is appealing — it is their genuineness.

I know I personally tend to connect better with people who are willing to share their mistakes and failures, and what they learned from them, rather than those who talk about their successes only.

Listening to other people’s story of struggle can be both inspiring and motivating, and it often helps me stay committed to the things I want to accomplish.

There is often resistance or confusion around how genuine we should be. There may be a fear that if we reveal too much about ourselves, then:

  • It may cause us shame or embarrassment.
  • It can result in people judging us.
  • It can turn people away from us.
  • It may affect our chances of achieving what we want.

ways to become a highly genuine person

10 Things To Stop Doing Now So You Can Boost Your Confidence Quickly

Our level of confidence has a huge impact on what we’re willing or not willing to do. The more confidence we have, the more willing we are to challenge ourselves to try new things.

Unfortunately, confidence is one of those things that can be eroded very easily if we’re not aware of the things that can affect it. If we’re able to identify what some of the things that affect our confidence are, we can put tools or strategies in place to deal with them when they do come up.

Our confidence level is something we must protect all the time.

ways to build self-confidence

5 Effective Ways How You Can Easily Win The Busyness Battle

If we consider all the things we have going on in our lives, there is something we have in common — we are all extremely busy. In fact, we are busier now than ever before.

Why is that the case? Shouldn’t technology we have available today allow us to win the busyness battle?

I refer to it as a battle because that’s what we are constantly doing — battling to try and fit more and more into our already busy and hectic lives.

The truth is this way of operating is not sustainable over the long term. There will be consequences, which may include:

  • Our health being affected in a negative way.
  • Feeling rundown, stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Taking on way more than we can handle and not being able to keep our commitments or meet our deadlines.
  • Financial loss especially if we are late with product delivery and provide poor customer service.

ways to manage priorities

10 Things To Remember When You Really Struggle To Achieve Your Goals

Goals give us direction and purpose for the things we do and want to achieve.

While setting goals can be relatively quick and easy, achieving them can sometimes be a real struggle.

Unfortunately, so many people let their struggles get the better of them, which causes them to give up or abandon their goals.

Whenever we struggle to achieve our goals, it doesn’t mean we should stop taking action to move closer towards our goals. It may well mean we have to take a different approach.

how to achieve goals

How To Make Good On The Promises You Have Made To Yourself

We make promises or agreements with others all the time.

While the level of trust others have with us is determined by our ability to keep our promises, the level of trust we have with ourselves is far more important.

Our ability to keep our word says a lot about who we are and what our values are in life. Think back to all the times you have made a commitment to yourself — to do some form of exercise a few times a week, resist the temptation to have that extra piece of cake, or say no next time someone tries to take advantage of you.

How did it make you feel when you were failed to keep your commitment?

Every time we have not made good on our commitment or promise to ourselves, we lose trust in ourselves to follow through on what we had set out to do. It is hard to keep promises with others if we are unable to keep promises with ourselves.

how to keep your commitments