How To Be A Self-Motivated And Energetic Person Every Day

One thing we can all have more of is motivation. Whether it is to get something done or do the best we can each day, the more motivated we are, the better our results and overall life will be.

It is no surprise that the more motivated we are, the more energy we seem to have which enhances our daily experiences. The challenge we have is that our motivation level is not always consistent.

We all have days where our whole day just flows effortlessly — things are easy and we get more done because we’re in a powerful, creative state.

On the flip side, we also have days where we wished we had stayed in bed — things are heavy and effortful and we struggle to complete things that we’d normally get done quite easily.

Have you ever wondered why that is the case?

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5 Responses That Will Stop Negative People Complaining To You

It is always a challenge being around people who constantly whine and complain.

If we’re not consciously choosing who to spend time with, it will be very easy to get caught up in conversations or activities that are unproductive and unhealthy.

The best thing we can do is to avoid being exposed to negativity but that may not always be possible.

In order to be better prepared to deal with situations or people who are negative around us, it will be highly beneficial to have some responses that can direct their focus to something different.

If we have some “Here’s what I prepared earlier” responses, it will:

  • Make it easier to redirect conversations if it’s becoming negative.
  • Help other people become aware that they’re in a negative or unproductive state.
  • Ensure we don’t get drawn into their negativity and remain positive ourselves.
  • Improve our communication skills as we’ll be more aware of how to respond to different situations.

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How To Complete Important Tasks When You Are Short On Time

As time goes by, we are getting busier and busier, and juggling priorities is becoming a constant battle.

It’s like we never have enough time to get things done. But is that really true? Time hasn’t changed, as far as we know.

The thing that is always changing is our relationship to time, in particular, the things we consider important in life, and how much time we allocate to it.

I don’t believe we can manage time but we can certainly manage our activities in relation to time.

This idea of managing our priorities is important because the better we get at it, the more efficient and effective we will become, which means we get things done faster and also create more free time for ourselves.

how to get important tasks completed consistently

10 Important Choices You Will Not Regret Later In Life

We’ve all done things we’ve regretted later. Sometimes it may have been a bad decision or it could have been something we said to another person.

Our whole experience of life is the sum total of the choices or decisions we make each day.

While our choices will not always result in something positive, that should not stop us from continuing to make choices that we will think are the best for us.

When we make choices that are in our best interest, we get a sense that we’re in control of our lives, which leads to:

  • More enjoyment and fulfilment in what we do.
  • A better mindset or attitude.
  • Feelings of progress and accomplishment.

things we will not regret later in life

10 Surprising Ways You May Be Making Life Difficult Now

Have you ever heard people say, “Life is not easy” or “Life was meant to be hard.” Is that really true?

Think back to when you were a child — was life difficult back then? If it wasn’t, then what has changed over the years which may be influencing your perspective on whether life is meant to be difficult or easy?

My belief is that life is actually quite simple. We tend to complicate life based on our experiences, the environments we are exposed to and the beliefs we form.

While having a belief that life is difficult may not necessarily be false, the question we always should ask ourselves is, “Are my beliefs about life giving me the results I want?”

ways we make life difficult

10 Simple Solutions That Will Make You More Effective Every Day

One of the things that drives me is to continually challenge myself to become more productive each day.

I don’t believe anyone wakes up and sets an intention to have a lousy, ineffective day.

We all want to do the best we can and be more effective in what we’re doing so that we get a sense of accomplishment and progress. The challenge we face is that not all our days are consistent.

Sometimes our day “gets away” from us and we have a difficult time getting back on track.

The good news is we can do some simple things each day that will ensure we start our day well, stay on track throughout the day, and finally end our day on a strong note.

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10 Valuable Things Successful People Never Fail To Do

One thing I have learned is that in order to get better results in life, I must be willing to learn from those who are already getting the results I want.

The principle of modelling others is a powerful strategy for accelerating our success.

The best way to apply the concept of modelling is to study and learn from successful people. It is highly probable that they have made mistakes and learned things through experience, plus they have developed habits which leads to better results. Their knowledge and experience can provide us with valuable insights to reach our goals much faster.

Sometimes, we can do everything a successful person has done to achieve a particular result but we may not get the same result. This is because we can only do things the way we know best at that time and the result we get will be a reflection of our level of awareness at that time.

Rather than try and replicate all the steps successful people take to achieve a particular result, what is more beneficial is to adopt the habits or behaviours they have developed.

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How To Stay Focused On Your Most Important Things In Life

The power of focus has been an important lesson I’ve learned in life. Our focus creates our reality.

It is very easy to determine what we have been focused on — all we have to do is to look at our results.

Our results reflect the types of thoughts we’ve been having and what we have been giving attention to. If we want to change our results, we must change what we are focusing on.

This concept of focus resonated withe me so much that I named my business, Focused On…®. I knew that people’s ability to get better at focusing on the things they do was the ket to improving all aspects of their lives.

When I started writing my first book, Hoops and Freedom, it was the only thing I focused on at that time. I had left my management career so I had all the time I needed to focus on my writing.

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10 Poor Thoughts That Will Crush Your Biggest Dreams In Life

It is quite a strange thing that even though we all have dreams in life, so few of us pursue our dreams fully.

Some people may attempt something but when they face challenges or suffer setbacks, they quickly give up on their dreams.

Most times, it is what is going on internally that affects what we are willing to do in order to achieve our dreams. And it all starts with our thoughts.

Poor or negative thoughts affect us in many ways including:

  • It causes us to miss seeing opportunities around us.
  • It affects our energy and motivation levels.
  • It affects our emotional and physical well-being.

Whenever we’re in a negative state, it is easier to experience high levels of stress. Things also feel heavier and it often takes longer to get things done.

thoughts that can crush our dreams