5 Ways To Be Better Prepared To Make A Major Change

One of the hardest things about dealing with change is not knowing what’s ahead. As human beings, we like to have a level of certainty in our lives.

When things are unknown or unfamiliar, it can be very easy to start imagining different possibilities. Depending on our mental conditioning, the future we imagine can be exciting and inspiring, or it can be scary and uncomfortable.

Therefore, the better prepared we are when making a major change, the greater the chances the change will work out best for us. In sports, there is a concept called “The 5 P’s” which stands for, Perfect preparation prevents poor performance.

It is not different for you and I. If we’ve done our preparation prior to making a major change, we will avoid the risks that comes with any type of change.

how to prepare for a major change in life

This Is What Happens If You Keep Chasing Work-Life Balance

In the corporate world, the concept of “work-life balance” is something that is often highlighted as being important and encouraged.

Companies even use that as an initiative to create a more engaged and healthier work environment.

Busy entrepreneurs are also striving to have some sort of “balance” in their lives as they often believe they have to work long hours in order to do what’s necessary to grow and maintain their business. The constant focus on “work” often leads to thoughts that there must be some sort of “balance” in order to have a better life.

While the intention behind the idea may be valuable, is this idea of work-life balance actually beneficial to us?

I shared my perspective in a post I wrote previously on why we should stop chasing balance. In this post I will expand further on this idea of work-life balance and whether it is working for us or against us.

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5 Daily Practices That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Life

As we are programmed for growth, our natural inclination is to improve things in our lives. It could be through new goals or projects, aiming for new experiences or just wanting to feel the best we ever have.

While it is easy to wish things just improve, the reality is unless we are actively doing things differently, we will experience the same types of thoughts and feelings, which will lead to similar behaviours and actions, which in turn, will produce the same type of results we have always produced.

It should not be a surprise that in order to achieve new or better results, we must start doing different things. The best place to start is by evaluating our daily practices or rituals because they have a major effect on the types of results we produce.

If we can start our day with healthy, empowering practices, we will be more focused, alert and have higher energy levels throughout our day.

daily habits for success

5 Important Things That Will Make You More Persistent This Year

In the book, Think and Grow Rich, which is one of the most popular books ever written on success, Napoleon Hill dedicated a whole chapter to the principle of persistence.

He wrote, “Riches do not respond to wishes. They respond only to definite plans, backed by definite desires, through constant persistence.” He also shared that based on his study of highly successful people, he found that those who were not persistent very rarely succeeded at anything worthwhile.

While it may not be a new idea that persistence is an essential ingredient for success, the question we should ask is, How can I become more persistent?

How To Be More Grateful And Generous This Year

Our ability to be grateful and generous is a reflection of our values, mindset, personal standards and what we consider to be important in life.

Those who have a regular practice of being grateful and generous are generally happier, healthier and wealthier in all aspects of life. Every time we do something that leaves a positive impression with others, it also affects us in a positive way.

While we can accept that being grateful and generous is valuable, not just to others but also to ourselves, we may not always have practical ways or know how to express it.

The best part about it is we don’t have to do anything extraordinary to leave a positive impression with others. Oftentimes, it’s the smallest things we do that makes the biggest difference with others.

ways to be more grateful

10 Things You Should Absolutely Refuse to Do This Year

In order to continuously improve ourselves and get better results, we must be willing to consider new ideas that can influence our attitude in a positive way.

Chances are we’ve all done things in the past that weren’t helpful to us or we wished we hadn’t done them.

Unless we start setting a new standard for ourselves, we can end up making similar mistakes, which will affect our self-confidence and self-esteem.

The way to avoid it is to clearly define things we will not do and stick to them as best as we can.

things successful people refuse to do

5 Qualities That Will Make You A Better Goal Achiever This Year

We’re a week into the New Year! How are you tracking with your goals?

You probably realise that it takes a lot more to actually achieve goals than to just write them down only.

If we want to give ourselves the best chance of achieving our goals, then we will need to possess certain qualities that will make achieving our goals inevitable. The good news is that becoming a better goal achiever is not a big secret nor does it require a lot of effort.

Becoming a better goal achiever will require us to develop new habits, behaviours and qualities that will support us especially when things get difficult. All it takes is to make some simple adjustments to how we do things and keep doing them consistently.

habits for better goal achievement

5 Destructive Myths About Setting Goals For A New Year

At the start of each year, it is very common to start making New Year’s resolutions or set new goals so that we can give ourselves the best chance of having the kind of year we want to have.

There are differences between setting New Year’s resolutions and goals and it is very important to know what they are.

I believe setting goals are a lot more beneficial and effective than setting resolutions however, there are some common myths about setting goals that must be addressed.

If we are not aware of these myths, they can:

  • Cause us to miss our goals.
  • Slow our progress or even keep us stuck.
  • Result in us setting the wrong goals.

how to set better goals this year

5 Simple Habits To Adopt In The New Year To Achieve More Success

As human beings, we are programmed for growth. This means that we will always be seeking to be, do, experience and have more in life.

In order to make this year better than last year, one of the critical steps we must take is to review our previous year so that we can extract the lessons we learned and apply them for more success this year.

The best way to ensure we execute the right behaviours and actions to achieve more success is to adopt some new habits.

While it may be very tempting to list down many new habits we’d like to develop, it can cause us to feel overwhelmed, which could result in us abandoning these habits quickly.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to start off with just a few habits and progressively add more once we start embedding some of these new habits.

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