5 Powerful Reasons Why It Is Valuable To Have Coaches In Your Life

During the recent Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, we witnessed the best athletes in the world performing at the highest levels in order to win medals for their countries. One thing we have come to expect in sports is for athletes or teams to have coaches.

Sometimes, teams have multiple coaches, with each one focusing on a specific area of performance. While it is accepted that those who play sports will work with coaches in order to improve and go to the next level of performance and achievement, it is not as widely accepted for normal, everyday people to have coaches.

Coaches can be just as valuable to individuals as they are to athletes or other professionals. Now, the question to ask is: Do you have a coach in your life?

Chances are those who do not have coaches are not fully utilising their skills, abilities and talents. In other words, they may not be harnessing their full potential.

Some of the things coaches do for their clients include:

  • Make it safe for them to express what is really going on for them.
  • Challenge them to increase what they expect from themselves.
  • Identify gaps between where they are and where they want to eventually be.

7 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Affected By Negative People

One thing we always have to be mindful of is our attitude at any given moment. Our attitude largely determines what we experience and the type of results we create in life.

The people we surround ourselves with have a huge influence on our attitude. If we’re usually around upbeat and positive people, we’ll predominantly have a positive attitude. However, if we’re around negative people a lot, they will affect how we think, our emotional state and how we behave.

Negative people can cause us to be pessimistic and not have a healthy outlook on life. If we don’t protect ourselves from negative influences, it can lead to serious consequences such as:

  • Frustration when things don’t go our way.
  • Complaining, whining and blaming others regularly.
  • Reduced motivation to do our best.
  • Lack of positive expectancy for the future.
  • Slow progress towards what we want in life.

It’s our responsibility to protect ourselves and avoid being affected by negative people.

How To Be Mentally Strong When Life Gets Difficult

One thing that should not be a surprise to us is that we will have events happen in our lives or go through experiences we didn’t predict, want or expected.

Our ability to cope with life is tested when we go through difficult times. It is during difficult times that we experience the most pain, but they can also spur us on to better things in life.

We can always get a sense of a person’s character when they are going through difficult times. Those who cannot cope well often tend to:

  • Blame others or external events for their situations.
  • Look for shortcuts or quick fixes instead of getting to the heart of their problems.
  • Get into a mental state that results in stress, overwhelm or even, depression.

Those who do cope well tend to:

  • Rise up and meet their challenges head-on.
  • Become mentally stronger as a result of their experiences.
  • Go to another level of performance and achievement by having major breakthroughs.

How we cope when life gets difficult is directly related to how mentally strong we are.

5 Ways To Be A Trusted Mentor To People Who Are Older Than You

The workforce today has four generations of workers so we all must be able to interact with people younger and older than us.

As more and more younger people enter the workforce and with changes in technology happening at such a rapid rate, the chances are high that they will be leading or managing people older than them at some point in their working lives.

With the generational difference, it can be challenging for someone to be managed or mentored by someone younger than them. Likewise, it can also be challenging for a person to mentor someone older than them.

The challenge a younger person faces if they want to be a trusted mentor to someone older than them, is that it takes time to build trust. If they don’t do things right initially, it can lead to:

  • An unhealthy or unworkable relationship.
  • High levels of stress for all involved.
  • Delay or failure to achieve objectives in a timely manner.
  • Low morale if it involves working within a team.
  • Declining levels of motivation to take action.

It is really important to have a strong foundation of trust in order for a mentoring relationship to work well between two people from different generations.

7 Ideas That Will Make You Stay More Focused On Your Goals

Many of us set goals with a lot of excitement initially only to find that staying motivated and focused on them is a lot more challenging.

On average, less than 5% of the population sets goals. The other 95% think they have set goals for themselves but when analysed, we will discover that they have set intentions or outlined preferences instead of actually setting meaningful goals.

Goals give us direction and purpose in life. Those who don’t have goals that truly inspire and motivate them will often find themselves drifting through life and letting life happen to them instead of choosing to create the life they want.

Our ability to stay focused and committed to our goals will ultimately determine whether we achieve them or not.

How To Convince A Successful Person To Be Your Mentor Now

There is a saying that we become like the people we spend most of our time with. Therefore, if we want to be more successful in life, then it makes sense to be around people who have already achieved what we want to achieve.

As success leaves clues, it will help us greatly if we connect with those who we aspire to learn from. The benefits of getting highly successful people to mentor us include:

  • We will expand our network and circle of influence.
  • We will accelerate our own achievement and success.
  • We will increase our level of confidence as we will be moving towards what we want.
  • We will shorten our learning curve as we will learn from the experiences of others.
  • We will be able to share what we learn from them with others.

One thing that may come as a surprise is that successful people are usually willing to share what they have learned via the mistakes they have made or things that made them successful.

The good news is that it is not as challenging as we think it is to be mentored by successful people. There are ways to convince or persuade them to mentor us.

5 of the Best Life Advice You May Have Never Received

Our experiences in life are often our best teachers. With experience comes better insights, a higher level of awareness, new perspectives and overall life wisdom.

Information on how to live a good life is readily available. There isn’t anything new that we don’t already know is valuable to us, based on thousands and thousands of years of life experience. There have been many great teachers who’ve left a tremendous impact on how we shape our thoughts and behaviours, and how to create the lives we want.

Good life advice is now readily available. All we have to do is go online and search for inspiring, uplifting and motivating ideas on the different platforms available today.

The purpose of this post is not to present anything new, but invite you to reflect on the ideas presented here and make a commitment to integrate them more into your life.

5 Reasons Why Waiting For Inspiration To Start Can Be Risky

Should we wait for inspiration to arrive before we decide to do work that matters most to us?

Actually, I decided to wait for inspiration to start this article but unfortunately, I was waiting for a long time.

Allowing ourselves to receive inspiration can be valuable because it can:

  • Guide us to take the right actions at the right time.
  • Accelerate our progress towards what we want.
  • Generate consistent momentum.
  • Keep us aligned to what’s in our highest good.
  • Give us the clarity we need to make good decisions.

The danger is, unless we have intentionally cultivated practices that can put us in a state to receive inspiration, those flashes of inspiration may not arrive on a consistent basis. And if we have the mindset that we can do our best only after we are inspired to act, then we won’t maintain any consistent momentum in our pursuit of what we want.

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Chances of Being a Better Leader

There is a real need for strong, authentic and progressive-thinking leaders in the world right now.

During these times of hostility, destruction and uncertainty, there has probably never been a time in the history of the world for leaders to stand up and be the example of how people in the world can collaborate together.

Here’s the good news — leadership does not have to be defined by our position or status. We’re all leaders in some way, whether it is taking care of our home life, leading a small team or contributing to our community in some way. With more focus and commitment, we can all become better leaders.

Becoming a better leader doesn’t necessarily mean we must have a strong platform or a global presence. It can simply mean we’re choosing to do the best we can to make a difference in our own unique way. We tend to be drawn to those who inspire us to become better in all aspects of our lives. When we decide to become better leaders ourselves, we also inspire others to do the same.

Just like with anything in life, if we want to become better at anything, it will require dedicated focus, discipline and a commitment to improvement over a sustained period of time.