3 Benefits of Reviewing Your Year

For a few years now, at the end of the year, I go through a process of reviewing my year.

The process itself can take up to half an hour however the benefits of going through the process is well worth the investment of time.

how to review your year

In my next post, I will share the actual process I go through. Right now, here are three benefits of reviewing your year.

  1. You get to acknowledge things that are still outstanding. We are programmed to set new intentions, resolutions or goals at the start of each year. However the problem with going straight into something new without addressing things that are still outstanding is that it is very easy to drag unresolved issues into the new year as well.

    By reflecting back on your past year, it gives you the chance to acknowledge what you accomplished and what you didn’t. It’s okay of you haven’t accomplished everything you had set out to.

    By reflecting back on what were the reasons for not accomplishing what you wanted to, you then have the option of deciding whether to recommit to it again in the New Year or let it go. This is extremely important especially when deciding what goals to set in the New Year.

  2. It is a huge learning opportunity for you. When you review your year, you have the opportunity to look for recurring patterns or themes. There may be things you have done really well so you can look at what made you do those things really well and use them in different areas in the New Year. Similarly, there may be things that you’ve put off or consistently failed to follow through on so once again, you can extract lesson from that as well.

    For example, if I reflect back on my past year, one area I haven’t done as well as I would have liked is exercising regularly. The learning opportunity for me is the main reason why I wasn’t consistent with my exercise goals is I placed more importance on my work and sacrificed exercise as a result.

    Now, I can ask myself whether I am willing to recommit to my exercise goals and come up with a strategy to overcome any obstacles that may prevent me from staying on track. Therefore, by reflecting back, I am able to look for recurring themes and patterns which can help me in the future.

  3. You can start developing the habit of reviewing how you are doing at regular intervals. It is very easy to move onto the next thing once you’ve accomplished something. Developing the habit of reviewing regularly rather than once at the end of each year can bring huge benefits for you. The biggest benefit is that you will be able to make corrections straight away rather than wait until the end of the year to find out where you could have improved.

    I started off with just an end-of-year review process and over the years that has evolved into quarterly reviews, weekly reviews and now, I do a review every day through a journalling process and capture at least two lessons I learn daily. What started off as a once-a-year process has turned into a daily process and the benefits for me has been enormous.

These are just three benefits as to why you should review your year. I highly encourage you to look back at your year and see how you’ve bettered yourself over the past year. You’ll be a lot better for doing so.

Question: What are some other benefits of reviewing your year?

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