3 Reasons Why Other Leaders Can Make You A Better Leader Quickly

What You Can Do to Elevate Your Leadership Skills

Just like anyone else, leaders have good days and challenging days. A leader’s true character is really tested during challenging times.

Those who are able to step up and face their challenges head-on will continue to improve their leadership abilities, while those who do not cope well, will find themselves facing more challenging situations on a regular basis.

There are many things a person can do to improve their leadership abilities and these include:

  • Asking for feedback from their team members, peers and superiors.
  • Finding mentors.
  • Attending leadership training programs.
  • Reading books on leadership. Here’s one book on leadership worth reading.
  • Taking online leadership courses.

The reality is that all leaders go through low periods during their leadership journey. Just like a sportsperson will go through a form slump, being a leader can be the same. The key is knowing how to respond during such events.

How to become a better leader quickly

Anthony Robbins often talks about the importance of modelling successful people and being able to learn from others because “success leaves clues.” It’s no different for any leader. Tapping into the experience of other leaders can be beneficial and ultimately make them a better leader quickly.

Here are three important reasons why connecting with other leaders can be extremely valuable and how it can accelerate one’s leadership abilities.

  1. You will gain new perspectives. One thing that differentiates one leader from another is their life story and experiences. This means that every leader will have a different perspective on how they see things and how they deal with certain situations. A leader’s perspective is one of the most valuable things they have and by tapping into other leader’s experiences, they will form new perspectives.
  2. You will learn from their mistakes. Mistakes are just lessons learned. Every leader that has been in some sort of a leadership role for any period of time will have made their fair share of mistakes. The mistakes other leaders have made can be avoided if we know what they were and what were the lessons learnt. A good leader is able to integrate lessons learnt from other leaders and use them to better anticipate situations so that they can ultimately achieve the outcomes they want.
  3. You will shorten your learning curve. By tapping into knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom of other leaders, an aspiring leader can effectively condense decades of lessons learnt into days. The good thing is most experienced leaders are readily willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. Quite often, they are just waiting to be asked for guidance or advice, so it is up to us to ask the right leaders the right things, at the right time.

A leader should not feel like they are on their own. Help is always available if they are willing to seek it out. Not only will a leader get some new ideas or insights when they ask for assistance, they will also start to form a new type of relationship, much like a mentor-mentee relationship, which can bring a lot of long-term benefits as well.

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