4 Additional Social Media Channels That Can Boost Your Online Presence

Having launched my new book, Transition from Manager to Coach: How to Lead, Motivate and Inspire Others to Maximise Performance this past week, I attribute the book’s success mainly to the power of social media.

I used Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as my main social media channels to promote my book and generate the publicity the book needed to reach #1 on Amazon’s bestseller lists.

best social media channels

Social media has become a powerful way to build your online presence and gain more visibility. The main platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are well known so this post will not cover them.

Here are four additional channels worth considering to boost your online presence.

  1. Google Plus. Google is still the biggest search engine and having on a presence on Google operated platforms will help you generate greater visibility. If you are looking for better search results on Google, an active presence on Google Plus can certainly help with that.

    Many search results that belong to Google Plus appear higher on Google’s search rankings, just because they are a part of Google’s massive network. Therefore it is an advantage to also post your content on Google Plus as the content is added to Google searches much quicker than on other sites which helps increase your visibility online.

  2. Pinterest. Pinterest is a pin-board style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. The uniqueness of Pinterest is that it is the only social networking site that is soley focused on sharing images.

    There are benefits for being active on Pinterest, some being SEO related. Pinterest content are indexed by Google and they can impact SEO rankings by optimising keywords within Pinterest’s photo comments section. In Pinterest, every image pinned to a board has a link back to its original published source. These are valuable back links and can generate traffic to your website.

  3. Google Hangouts. Although I have not personally used Google Hangouts yet, it is fast becoming an important link in any online activities. Hangouts may eventually overtake webinars as the main online visual learning tool. The video chat feature offered through Google Hangouts is far more powerful than a tool like Skype.

    One advantage of Google Hangouts over others is it allows up to 15 people to participate live on a chat plus allows as many people as you want to view the chat. You can also upload the chat onto YouTube as a video, which also helps with search result rankings. Google Hangouts can be used for interviews and can also be used to live stream an event. It is certainly well worth checking out.

  4. Podcasting. In an increasingly distracting world, the emergence of podcasting again has many people excited. Podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files such as audio programs or music videos online. One of the benefits of podcasts is because the content is communicated directly to a listener via a smart device.

    When someone subscribes to a podcast, whenever a new podcast is uploaded, it is automatically downloaded to the person’s smart device. The biggest marketplace for submitting podcasts is still iTunes however there are other marketplaces gaining popularity like Microsoft Zune Podcast Directory, Blackberry and Stitcher Radio. You can also use Vimeo for submitting podcasts.

Generating and maintaining an active online presence is almost mandatory in this digital age. Being consistent and posting relevant content is the key to have a strong online presence. It is also important to stay patient as the process of creating an online presence will take some time, however if you persist and stay consistent, the rewards will be there in the long run.

Question: What are other social media channels that can also boost your online presence?

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