5 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Discover Your Life Purpose

Why Being in Alignment With Your True Calling Will Enhance All Your Experiences

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to discover your life purpose, then live and share it with others.

People do many things to improve their lives, yet they don’t give much thought to the real purpose of their lives.

Why is it Important to Discover Your Life Purpose?

It has been said the two most important days in a person’s life are the day they are born and the day they discover why they were born.

It’s important to discover your life purpose because you will:

  • Give attention and focus to something beyond making a living.
  • Reconnect to what’s great about you.
  • Do work that is worthwhile.
  • Have a better sense of why things you offer are valuable.
  • Be focused on service and making a difference any way you can.

When you discover your life purpose, you will live your life with more meaning and do things for the right reasons.

discover your life purpose

It’s not uncommon for people to question the meaning of their lives after they have had a difficult time. That was the case for me.

In my twenties, the career I had chosen was having an effect on my health. Even though on the outside, it appeared I had a successful career, I knew what I was doing was not right.

One way to know if you are living your purpose is whether you are enjoying what you do. The work I was doing was not rewarding, and I had no passion for it.

It took me about nine years before I left that career to do what I am doing now. During that time, I learned more about myself, reconnected to my passions and discovered my life purpose.

The essence of your life purpose usually stays the same, but the way you express it may evolve. The essence of my life purpose is to inspire others to share their greatness and make a bigger difference in the world. The form through which I do that is through writing books, sharing content on my website, creating courses, and offering training and coaching programs.

These may change as I gain new awareness or are drawn to different things, but it will involve inspiring others to share their greatness and make a bigger difference.

5 Things You Will Experience When You Discover Your Life Purpose

Discovering your life purpose will make a big difference in your life. Here are five things you can expect to happen when you discover your life purpose.

  1. You will have a compass for your life. When you discover your life purpose, you will have a clearer direction in life. If you are off track, you will know it sooner. This means you can get back on track a lot quicker.
  2. It will be easier to make decisions. Your purpose will become the filter through which you make your decisions. If something is not aligned to your purpose, it will be easy to say no. If something is aligned to your purpose, it then becomes your choice whether you say yes or no.
  3. You will have a better connection with yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is your most important one. When you discover your life purpose, you will have a true, authentic connection with yourself. This is because you know you have found the real reason why you are here.
  4. Things you do will have greater meaning and significance. Having clarity of your life purpose will enable you do things that matter or are worthwhile. Instead of focusing on things that do not add value to your life, you will give attention to things that will make a difference in your life.
  5. You will have a greater appreciation for your life. Living your purpose will lead to more joy, which will make you appreciate the life you have. Even though you will face challenges, you know they are all part of the journey to you living your best life.

Things You Can Do to Discover Your Life Purpose

The key to discovering your life purpose is to first believe you have one. That is the starting point.

Things you can do to discover your life purpose include:

  • Follow what you are drawn or attracted to. When you learn to trust what you are attracted to, each thing you follow will get you closer to your true purpose.
  • Ponder on the things you love doing. What you love or your passions are clues to your life purpose.
  • Reflect on what others say you do well. There are things you are naturally good at, but you may not think much of them. Recall compliments you have received from others. They are also clues to your life purpose.
  • Ask others you trust what you do well. Sometimes what you are searching for may be close by. Guidance from others can steer you in the right direction.
  • Think of things you want to support or stand against. There may be things you agree or don’t agree with in your community or in the world. They may be things you want to investigate further and commit to.

Final Thoughts

Things will feel effortless when you are living your life purpose. You will be happier and experience real joy and fulfilment, knowing your life and what you are doing matters.

If you do not discover your life purpose, you risk pursuing things in life that will feel hollow when you achieve them. You also risk wasting valuable years of your life doing things that aren’t meaningful.

Action Step: If you have not discovered your life purpose, determine if it’s something important. If you are ready to discover it, use any of the suggestions above to start the process. If you already know your life purpose, use this as a check in with yourself and assess whether you’re living your purpose as best as you can.

Question: What are other amazing things that will happen when you discover your life purpose?