5 Benefits For Getting Things Done Before Deadlines

Tue Jan 29, 2019

If we want to perform better continuously and achieve more, getting things done before deadlines is a useful habit.

Some people thrive in meeting deadlines. Others may find leaving things until the last minute can be stressful or overwhelming.

It’s important we have a better understanding of which strategy works better for us and continue to improve.

As I’ve continued to become more productive, I’ve found that getting things done before deadlines works better for me. Whenever I leave things right until the end, I find I’m not as effective.
It also affects the quality of my work because it usually isn’t to the standard I’d like it to be.

I once had a colleague who liked to leave things until the last minute because deadlines motivated her. There was a noticeable change in her physiology when she had to complete something by a certain date and time.

getting things done before deadlines

reasons why you shouldn’t wait until your deadline to get things done

When in such a state, she wasn’t pleasant to be around, because she would snap whenever she got interrupted. Once she completed what she needed to get done, she became a different person, much friendlier and responsive.

Personally, I prefer to be more consistent in how I approach tasks or communicate with people. This is one reason why I prefer to get things done early as it helps me be true to who I am.

5 Benefits For Getting Things Done Before Deadlines

Here are five benefits I have found for getting things done before deadlines, which can also help us be more productive.

  1. It’s more relaxing to be ahead. Whenever we feel we have a lot to get done, it can generate additional stress. It can also cause us to feel overwhelmed and unfocused. By getting things done before deadlines, we’ll free ourselves up mentally and have the energy to focus on other things.
  2. It will provide the opportunity to review what you’ve done. Getting things done before deadlines means we’re gaining time that we can use as we wish. By having time before the actual deadline, we’ll be able to check what we’ve done and make improvements as we see fit. This will help us do better work and also feel a lot better about ourselves.
  3. You will avoid penalties or repercussions. When we miss deadlines, there’s always a cost. It can be mental costs such as more stress, overwhelm or confusion. It can be emotional costs such as guilt, embarrassment, disappointment or regret. It can also be physical costs such as being tired or fatigued, or experiencing discomfort or pain in our bodies.
  4. It will lead to a higher level of self-trust. When we’re ahead of our deadlines, we trust ourselves more to get things done. As we continue to practice doing things early, then reviewing what we’ve done, we’ll feel a higher sense of satisfaction. It will also lead to us taking deadlines seriously and being true to our word.
  5. It will help generate more motivation. By getting things done early, we’ll feel good about ourselves, which will lead to more motivation to do other things. The more motivated we are, the more we’ll want to do things that will be beneficial to us.


Deadlines are rarely life or death situations. They’re often specified to give us a target to aim for and to track how we’re progressing. As we get more things done before deadlines, we’ll enjoy more free time and feel a lot better about ourselves.

If we leave things until the last minute, we’re taking the risk of not meeting our deadlines because things can go wrong. It’s up to us to choose whether we want to get things done before deadlines or leave them until we must do them.

Action Step: Review the things you have to do and identify the things you can complete before they have to get done. Evaluate the difference that will make to your mental and emotional states if you adopted such a practice.

Question: What are other benefits for getting things done before deadlines?


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