5 Benefits Of Staying Connected To A Like-Minded Community

It has often been said that our network determines our net worth. Having a strong network or like-minded community is a principle of success.

Throughout history, anyone who has achieved any noteworthy success will almost always attribute some aspect of their success to others, in particular, those in their circle of influence.

Therefore, being aware of why having a strong like-minded community is beneficial can motivate us to get involved with different communities, and also encourage those close to us to do the same.

the power of the mastermind

A like-minded community is known by various names such as a peer support group, meet-up group, accountability partners, inner circle, mastermind group or even a club. We know that the concept of clubs has been around for a long time and is still one most important ways through which humans connect.

In the personal development world, the concept of a like-minded community was popularised by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich, where he referred to a like-minded community as a mastermind group. He defined a mastermind as, “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

So why is it important to be connected to a like-minded community? Here are five benefits of being a part of a like-minded community, which can support us in our personal and professional lives.

  1. They offer us assistance, guidance and advice. We all get discouraged whether it’s because things are not going as planned or we’ve experienced something unexpected.

    Being able to reach to someone or a group of people and get a different perspective on a challenge or issue we may be facing is extremely valuable because at times, when we’re in the middle of something, it can be challenging to see different alternatives or options.

  2. They support us unconditionally. There are times in life where we make decisions which others may not agree with, not because they don’t want us to succeed, but because they do not want us to get disappointed or hurt. This can be tremendously demotivating especially if those people are loved ones.

    When we have a like-minded community, we know that they will support us not matter what but also caution us on things that we may not have considered. Having support without any form of judgement is hugely motivating.

  3. They hold us accountable. Nothing moves us into action than having some form of accountability or consequence. When we have supportive peers who will listen to our excuses (and we all have them), but not buy into them, and give us the push we need to keep moving forward, that takes us to a whole new level.

    This is how we expand our creativity, elevate our performance and go beyond what we think was possible for us. That is the power of having peer accountability because they have our best intentions in mind.

  4. They speak a common language. Different communities have their own jargon, acronyms and language. I think we’ve all experienced this. As an example, whenever I’ve attended seminars or training programs, I always pick up new terminology that others, who weren’t there, may not necessarily understand.

    Therefore having that community not only supports my learning after the event, it also makes it easier for me to apply new ideas or concepts. This is extremely valuable in the long run because having that like-minded support network is what will help us be the best we can be.

  5. They cheer us on. This is probably one of the biggest benefits of having a supportive community — they celebrate our successes with us. When we’re able to share our victories with others, it gives us such a boost in confidence and self-esteem, which in turn, encourages us to continue with what we’re doing. Success breeds success, and the more encouragement we receive, the better we want to perform.

Success really is a team sport. Not having a like-minded community can make things for us difficult, unenjoyable, and it can take longer for us to achieve what we want.

If we do stay connected to a highly supportive community, it will have a huge bearing on our ability to make the difference we want and also support others in reaching their goals.

Action Step: Make a list of those who are a positive influence in your life and then determine what you can do to strengthen your relationship with them. If you don’t have many positive influencers in your life, find out where you can go to start meeting new people and get involved in different networks or communities.

Question: How has staying connected to a like-minded community benefited you?

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