5 Common Myths About Doing What You Love

Tue Feb 11, 2020

There are common myths about doing what you love you need to know so you can avoid making costly mistakes.

The idea of “doing what you love” or “following your passions” is often considered necessary to live a satisfying, abundant and happy life. While that is fundamental for living life on your terms, you have to be aware of things that can affect you.

My belief is what we love to do is also aligned with what we are meant to do. If we are not doing what we love, at least most of the time, we are not giving the world what only we can give. It also means we are disconnected from who we are, and how we can serve others and the world, the best way we can.

The downside of not doing what you love includes:

  • Not experiencing joy consistently.
  • Generating feelings of resignation, despair and disappointment.
  • Lower motivation and productivity.
  • Poor outlook or ambition in life.
  • Not living up to your potential.

The sooner you become aware of the common myths about doing what you love, the faster you can implement strategies to overcome them.

myths about doing what you love

common myths about doing what you love

5 Common Myths About Doing What You Love

The myths identified here are false beliefs and things that are not true. Here are five common myths about doing what you love you should know so you can give proper attention to how you can deal with them.

  1. You can only do one thing you love. You and I are multi-dimensional beings. You have interests in more than one thing. If you make your life about one thing only, you risk feeling lost or not having the same desire or passion, once you have reached a certain level of success.
  2. You should do what you love all the time. The reality is there are many things you have to do daily that you don’t love, but you have to do them to get through your day or to survive. For example, you may have tasks you don’t enjoy doing, but you need to do them because they are part of a bigger objective you want to accomplish. In such cases, you have to do what needs to be done to get the outcomes you want.
  3. You won’t make money doing what you love. There are many examples of people earning money and creating the life they want doing what they love. To make money doing what you love, there are other factors to take into account.These include whether there is a need in the marketplace for what you love, whether you have the knowledge and skills to produce it and add value in the marketplace, and whether people will pay money for it. If you don’t have these in place, chances are you won’t make money doing what you love.
  4. You have to risk everything to follow your passions. This is operating from an “either/or” belief. One way is not always the right way or the only way to do something or get to an outcome. Learning to trust your gut is critical if you are going to successfully transition to doing what you love.
  5. Creating a life where you are doing what you love is not realistic. Your reality reflects your beliefs. If you don’t know what you love or what your passions are, it’s unlikely you will ever create a life doing what you love. If you don’t believe it is possible for you to live life the way you want, that will be your reality.

Final Thoughts

These myths about doing what you love should provide the incentive to make changes so you can create the life you want. If you question the myths you have, you will give yourself a chance to overcome them because awareness is always the first step to make any change.

If you know you are not doing what you love and are not willing to do anything to change your reality, you will continue to create the results you are getting, with no significant improvement. It will serve you to learn more about how you can overcome any myths you may have about doing what you love.

Action Step: Ask yourself, “Am I doing what I love every day?” and “What do I believe about creating a life doing what I love?” Your answers should give you an idea whether any of these myths are playing out for you. Work with someone or find the right support to bust the myths you have about doing what you love.

Question: What are other common myths about doing what you love?


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