5 Easy Ways To Find More Time To Read

There are many cute phrases that describe people who read. They include:

  • Readers are learners
  • Readers are writers.
  • Readers are winners.
  • Leaders are readers.

Personally, I find reading to be a crucial part of my personal growth. When I read, I get the mental stimulation I need to generate new ideas, be creative or innovative, plus it also improves my vocabulary and my writing skills. If I am not reading regularly, I feel stagnant.

ways to find more time to read

The challenge is finding time to read, which I know many busy entrepreneurs can relate to. The good news is there are many choices available now to consume books. While we still have physical books, digital and audio books are now the preferred choices for most readers.

That is great news for avid readers because with the technology available today, we can have an unlimited number of books available to us at any time without the need to be physically carrying books with us.

Here are five easy ways to better leverage our time and use it for reading which, in the long run, will help us in our growth and development.

  1. Read during travel or commute. If you’re an entrepreneurs who commutes for work, then this is one of the best times to read. If you drive to work, then listening to an audio book in the car is a great alternative. 30 minutes travel each way equates to an hour of reading per day, which compounded annually, is around 250 hours per year.

    That is an enormous amount of time to allocate for reading. Making a small investment for a tablet device or signing up for a subscription service like Audible is well worth the investment.

  2. Get up earlier every day. There are many things you can do if you get up earlier. If you dedicate 15-20 minutes for reading daily, again that will compound over time. It helps to set small targets whenever you read. It could the number of pages, the number of words or the number of chapters you want to read each time. Another thing worth considering if you want to make reading a habit is to track how often you read and how long you read each time.
  3. Stop reading books or publications that are no longer interesting. This was a big one for me as I tended to finish reading books I had started even if I no longer found them beneficial. The time saved by not having to finish reading books allowed me to start reading new books, which was great. Ideally, reading a book should bring a benefit to us, although we can also read for mental stimulation. Being selective with the books we do read is also an important step.
  4. Cut out watching television. Most shows on television are either informative or for entertainment. Most entertainment shows bring us no real value in the long run so it shouldn’t be difficult to eliminate them. The time saved can be dedicated for reading instead. Now, if you cannot avoid or don’t want to eliminate television, then consider reading while watching television.

    An example of this is watching live sports especially if it goes for a few hours. You will find that if something interesting or important happens during the game, there will be numerous replays of what happened so you won’t miss out. That way, you’ll get to read plus also keep up with your sports.

  5. Listen to an audio book. There are numerous opportunities to listen to audio books. These include during exercising, while shopping or waiting in line at the checkout during grocery shopping, while cooking, or while surfing through social media. I am a huge fan of audio books because we can listen to them at any time we want. This can be the quickest and easiest way to get started.

There are numerous opportunities to find time during our day for reading. It comes down to whether we want to make it a priority or not. If reading is not currently a habit, the key is to start small. It could be 10-15 minutes initially then gradually increase it over time.

If you are currently a reader and want to find more time, consider how you spend your time currently. Maybe it’s time to give up some of those time-wasting habits and start reading more.

Question: What is another easy way to find more time to read?

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