5 Effective Ways How You Can Easily Win The Busyness Battle

If we consider all the things we have going on in our lives, there is something we have in common — we are all extremely busy. In fact, we are busier now than ever before.

Why is that the case? Shouldn’t technology we have available today allow us to win the busyness battle?

I refer to it as a battle because that’s what we are constantly doing — battling to try and fit more and more into our already busy and hectic lives.

The truth is this way of operating is not sustainable over the long term. There will be consequences, which may include:

  • Our health being affected in a negative way.
  • Feeling rundown, stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Taking on way more than we can handle and not being able to keep our commitments or meet our deadlines.
  • Financial loss especially if we are late with product delivery and provide poor customer service.

ways to manage priorities

I know dealing with and managing my workload or commitments is something I have battled with in the past and still continue to do so. Previously, when I have had a lot on my plate and found it difficult to cope with, it typically results in some sort of physical pain. Those experiences forced me to give my body a rest in order to be able to function the way I normally do.

Overworking then being forced to have a rest is not a very intelligent way to operate, which is something I have been addressing in recent times. I recently had my first Personal Quarterly Offsite, which was very helpful in being able to recalibrate and refocus on what is important to me.

While going away for a couple days every quarter is extremely beneficial, how can we deal with the busyness battle on a daily or weekly basis?

Here are five simple but effective ways to manage our workload and priorities so that we can give the time and attention to the things that matter most to us, not just our work.

  1. Change your mindset with respect to being busy. Have you ever noticed that the more we say we are busy or have so much to do either to ourselves or others, the busier we feel? That’s because our reality is so often matched by how we think, feel and behave. Instead, we should develop the mindset that we can easily manage our current workload and priorities.
  2. Do less but better. It will pay to adopt the philosophy of doing only a few things but doing them to the best of our abilities. Where we tend to get ourselves in trouble is when we say “yes” to a new request or project when we know we’re already at our capacity. This is why we must get comfortable saying “no” more often and focus on our priorities.
  3. Know your limits and your capability. It can be frustrating at times when we see someone else do a task in less than half the time that we do. That’s because other people do things better than us, and we do things better than other people.

    While some people can handle multiple projects at once, that may not necessarily be our strength. This is why knowing what we’re capable of achieving while maintaining the standards we have set for ourselves is quite important.

  4. Give yourself the time to plan your day and week. As the saying goes, “Prior planning prevents poor performance.” Having clarity around what our goals, projects or priorities are is vital if we want to perform at our best consistently.

    If we know what are priorities are and something new comes in, we can make an informed decision whether to say yes or no to it. In order to get the most out of our week, I’ve created a new ebook that will show you how to set your week up for maximum results. Click here to get a free copy today.

  5. Adopt a “It can wait until tomorrow” philosophy. In today’s instant gratification culture, people are expecting us to respond to their requests immediately, which is one of the reason’s why we feel so overwhelmed most of the time.

    What if you take your time to respond to new requests? Is that going to cause an issue? Chances are that unless it is life threatening or involve significant financial loss, most things can wait at least until the next day. Try it and see what difference it makes.

We can easily win the busyness battle if we can apply some effective strategies to deal with our workload and priorities. If we apply some of these ideas, it can totally transform how we work and how we manage our commitments by making our workload a lot easier to deal with.

If we don’t, then chances are we will continue to get overwhelmed, feel stressed and not perform at our best consistently. Being busy is no longer a good excuse for not living a life aligned with our higher purpose and visions.

Action Step: Starting with your mindset around being busy, what is something you can change over the next week to cope a lot better with your current workload?

Question: What is another effective strategy to overcome the busyness battle?

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    • That’s something I am really focusing on now – take on less things and do a lot better on the things I do take on. Thank you Jane for your comment! 🙂

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