5 Effective Ways to Stay Committed to Your Goals

Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Progress and Reach New Levels of Success

The ability to stay committed to your goals is a valuable skill to have if you want to reach new levels of success.

While setting goals is a simple process, maintaining momentum and progress is challenging if you don’t have effective strategies in place.

Things That Can Affect Your Commitment to Your Goals

The prerequisite to achieving goals is to set goals first. It’s inevitable you will experience challenges as you strive to achieve your goals.

Things that can cause you to not stay committed to your goals include:

  • Setting goals that are not meaningful.
  • Having too many goals.
  • Not knowing why your goals are important.
  • Setting goals that will only benefit you.
  • Not having a plan or strategies to reach your goals.

Those who have effective ways to stay committed to their goals are more likely to achieve them quicker, without wasted effort.

stay committed to your goals

There have been many occasions where I have not been as committed to my goals as I should have been. An example was my goal to learn to speak Spanish. Initially, I was excited to learn the language. I invested in books and programs.

As it was a long-term commitment, within a few weeks, I let my everyday responsibilities take me off track. Even though I had learned the basics of Spanish, I did not keep the momentum going. I made up excuses such as “I was too busy” or “I didn’t live in a Spanish-speaking country so it was much harder.”

I eventually stopped focusing on the goal and told myself I will make it a goal again if I am fully committed to it. The lesson I learned was to only set goals I really wanted to achieve and would make a difference to my life.

5 Things You Can Do to Stay Committed to Your Goals

Focusing on simple strategies will make a difference as you maintain your commitment to your goals. Here are five simple things you can do to increase your ability to stay committed and achieve your goals.

  1. Keep your goals visible. Goals are not a “set and forget” deal. They have to remain top-of-mind if you want to continue making progress. Writing your goals on a card, a dairy or journal is a way to keep them visible. The key is to read them regularly.
  2. Know what complete looks like. You have to define, in advance, what the achievement of your goals will look like. This means defining key results or milestones that will lead to success. The clearer you are on what success is, the easier it will be to stay focused on the habits or actions that will get you there.
  3. Review your goals consistently. Keeping your goals visible is not enough. You have to track your progress and adjust as needed. Not everything you do will get you closer to your goals, therefore knowing what you can improve is beneficial.
  4. Hold yourself accountable. It’s easy to come up with reasons or make excuses when things are not going well. You have to take responsibility for your actions and what you’re committing to. Having someone to be accountable to will ensure you stay committed, even when things are difficult.
  5. Celebrate milestones reached. Humans are reward-seeking beings. Therefore, it’s important to acknowledge your wins or the progress you have made. Whenever you achieve a key result or reach a milestone, giving yourself a reward will help you stay motivated.

Final Thoughts

Goals are your compass as they guide you in the direction you want to go. Without goals, you are more likely to drift along, without a real purpose behind the things you do.

As you increase your commitment to your goals, you will experience faster progress, which will continue to keep you motivated.

If your commitment wanes, you will reduce your chances of achieving your goals, which may cause you to feel discouraged and disappointed. Learning to stay committed to your goals will prevent you from experiencing those emotions.

Action Step: Ensure your goals are written either on cards or in a journal. Keep them front-of-mind by reading them daily. As you read your goals, visualise them as complete and generate the emotions you want to feel when you achieve them.

Question: What are other effective ways to stay committed to your goals?