5 Good Reasons Why Life Should Not Be Taken So Seriously

What You Should Know if You Tend to Let Things or Other People Affect You

We’ve heard the saying, “Life is short,” yet how many people do you know who live their lives to the fullest?

Our lives often becomes about making a living or meeting our responsibilities, rather than living the life we really want. We buy into our stories as to why we cannot do the things we want to in life, which can affect our mental, emotional and physical states.

From my experience coaching and mentoring people, the majority of people are not doing what they really want to. They’ve often settled for a career or a business that makes them a living, even if it does not bring them joy, rather than choosing to do something that excites them or something they’re passionate about.

One question I often ask people is, “If you were told you had six months to live and you had the same abilities or capabilities as you have today, what would you choose to do?”

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. The objective is to get people to really think about what they’re doing with their lives. Most people will respond by saying, “I’d spend more time with my family and loved ones” or “I’d travel more” or “I’d would do community work.”

The question I often then ask is, “Why aren’t you doing those things now?”

This is when I start to hear the real reasons that prevent people from living the life they want.

Signs you are taking life too seriously

As I’m writing this, the death of Sridevi, a famous Bollywood actress, a few weeks ago really hits home that life is short and should not be taken seriously. She accidentally drowned in a hotel room bathtub in Dubai. While the real cause of her death may never be known, the probability of an adult drowning in a bathtub is extremely small.

The sad part about that event was her husband was in the hotel room when the incident occurred and was too late when we eventually noticed something was wrong. When he forced open the bathroom door, he was unable to revive his wife. She had lost her life within minutes.

We never know when our time is up and we should start paying attention to signs that indicate we may be taking life too seriously.

Signs You Are Taking Life Too Seriously

  • You’re afraid of making mistakes or being wrong.
  • You’re conscious of what others think or say about you.
  • You don’t want to embarrass yourself or look silly in front of others.
  • You don’t like to make fun of yourself.
  • You tend to focus more on what’s wrong rather than what’s good or right.
  • You easily get stressed, worried or overwhelmed with life’s demands.
  • You don’t deal with change or uncertainty very well.

If we acknowledge we may have some of these signs, we have to learn to relax more and not take life so seriously.

Reasons Why Life Should Not Be Taken Too Seriously

  1. You will not be fun to be around. We tend to avoid those who are serious or not willing to have fun in life. We’d rather be around people who make us feel good or inspire us to be better. We have to allow ourselves to look at the bright side of life. We all have a little child within that just wants to have fun so it’s time listen to it.
  2. You will not make your life better or easier by being serious. If we worry a lot about what’s happening in our lives, we tend to attract more worry and discomfort. It takes a lot of mental energy to continually be serious. It’s a lot easier to get into the habit of being relaxed and enjoy our daily experiences.
  3. You will not connect well with others. As we continuously give off energy vibrations depending on our mood, if we’re constantly serious, we’ll come off as being unfriendly, upset or unapproachable, which will affect how we communicate with others. The more relaxed we are, the friendlier we’ll be to others.
  4. You will miss the beauty and joy of life. There is beauty and joy around us every waking moment. If we’re constantly tense and serious, chances are we’ll be preoccupied with what is going on for us rather notice all the good things around us.
  5. You will not be as productive as you can be. We tend to operate better when we are relaxed rather than when we are tense. Whenever we’re serious or tense, we’re wasting valuable energy that can affect our performance. This is one of the main reasons why we are taught to be as relaxed as possible whenever we have to do something important.

As our time is limited, it’s up to us to make the most of our lives. Life as we know it will continue on with and without us, so it makes sense to live the best life we can. If we do, then we won’t have any regrets when we get to the end of our lives.

Action Step: Choose something you enjoy or are passionate about that you can dedicate more time to. Whatever it is, make the decision that you’ll do your best to focus on it, ideally every day, if you can. Notice the difference it makes to how you feel each day.

Question: What is another reason why life should not be taken too seriously?

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