5 Habits That Will Affect Your Mental Strength

Things You Must Avoid if You Want Better Overall Health

Our mental strength is a key component that affects our attitude and overall health and well-being.

As our mental strength improves, we’ll be able to better use our minds to create the outcomes we want.

What is Mental Strength?

Mental strength is our capacity to handle stress, pressure or challenges in a way that’s congruent with who we are. No matter what’s happening around us, we’ll be able to deal and overcome any situation in life.

The better our mental strength, the better mental health and wellness we’ll have.

Why is Mental Strength Important?

Mental strength is important because:

  • It will affect our outlook on life.
  • It will affect our mood.
  • It will affect our ability to take risks.
  • It will determine our behaviours and actions.
  • It will affect the type of results we create.

Being mentally strong is a benefit because unexpected things can and will happen in life. Instead of being affected in a detrimental way, our mental strength will give us the confidence to overcome our challenges.

mental strength

A challenge we face is there may be things we’re doing that’s affecting our mental strength. If we aren’t aware of them, we won’t make the changes necessary to develop our mental strength.

Like most people, I’ve been guilty of letting events or circumstances affect my attitude or confidence. In the past, when something would not go as I had planned, it would get me down. I’d then start to question or doubt myself.

A valuable lesson I have learned is it’s not what happens that really matters. What’s more important, is how I interpret and respond to what happens, and the meaning I give to it. No matter what happens, if I have a clear outcome, I can alter my response and still achieve my outcome.

This is vital when it comes to developing mental strength. We’re always in control of how we choose to respond despite what may be happening externally.

5 Habits That Will Affect Your Mental Strength in a Negative Way

  1. Letting disappointment affect your progress. We’ll experience setbacks, make mistakes and face obstacles whenever we’re pursuing something important in life. If we let a temporary disappointment stop us from pursuing our goals, it’s an indication we haven’t developed mental strength.
  2. Wanting instant gratification. The evolution of technology over the past couple of decades has affected us in a major way. Now, we expect things almost immediately. This can cause people to abandon their goals too soon, without giving themselves time to make adjustments.
  3. Wasting mental energy on things you cannot control. There will always be things or events beyond our control. By allowing ourselves to generate worry or doubt, we’ll be using our mental energy on unproductive things. Being at the mercy of external events is not a way to develop mental strength.
  4. Not being open to change. Today, it’s becoming more critical that we embrace change. Our ability to anticipate better and let go of what’s not working will impact our ability to create what we want. Not being open to change means we have a fixed mindset and won’t consider new ways of looking at or doing things.
  5. Living in the past. We’ve met people who like to reminisce about the “good ol days” or play the victim game. These are people who have not decided to leave the past behind, which suggests they haven’t developed their mental strength. While the past can shape who we become, we can always choose to create a new and better future.

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mental Strength

While there are many things that can be done to improve mental strength, here are five simple things that can be done.

  1. Work with a coach or therapist, if there are traumatic issues from the past to be deal with.
  2. Read books, especially biographies and autobiographies.
  3. Develop a higher level of self-awareness.
  4. Practice releasing techniques regularly.
  5. Develop mindfulness habits.


If we replace the habits that affect our mental strength, we’ll start to feel better, have more confidence and be more willing to challenge ourselves. Over time, we’ll create better results and have a better lifestyle.

If we don’t replace those unhealthy habits, we’ll find it difficult to handle the stresses, pressures or challenges we’ll encounter in life.

Action Step: Assess whether any of these habits are currently playing out in your life. If they are, make the decision to start developing your mental strength so that you can create a better life for yourself.

Question: What are other habits that can affect our mental strength?

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