5 Happy Habits That Will Change Your Outlook on Life

Simple Things You Can Do Daily to Experience More Joy

Developing happy habits will change how we view life and result in better experiences on a regular basis.

Our innate desire to experience happiness or joy drives most of the things we do. If we ask people what they really want in life, most will eventually say, “I want to be happy.”

Happiness is a word we use to describe one emotion. There are thousands of emotions we can experience, so it’s interesting that we want to mostly experience just one emotion.

If happiness is our goal, we should develop happy habits, because our habits dictate most of the things we do.

Why Develop Happy Habits?

Rather than think happiness is something external or something we need to pursue, we can generate it from within.

If we focus on developing happy habits, some of the benefits include:

  • We’ll have a more positive attitude or outlook on life.
  • We’ll be calmer and more relaxed, which will help us have better mental health.
  • We won’t allow external situations affect us as it may have previously.
  • We’ll interact with others in a more friendlier and pleasant manner.
  • We’ll feel much better about ourselves.

It will require focus and commitment to develop happy habits, therefore we must be prepared to put in the work.

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5 Happy Habits That Will Make Your Life Better

We’re labelled as human beings for a reason. We often get caught up in “doing” things and fail to allow ourselves to just “be.” If we have to “do” things to experience happiness, we’re telling ourselves happiness is something external or “out there.”

The experience of happiness comes from within. While there’s value in being able to do things that allow us to experience happiness, we shouldn’t always rely on them.

Who we are being is more important when it comes to experiencing happiness than the things we can do.

Here are five happy habits worth developing that will make our lives better and allow us to experience more happiness.

  1. Reconnect to your passions and hobbies. Our passions and hobbies are things that naturally give us joy. Even when we’re “doing” them, it never seems heavy or difficult. Allowing ourselves to focus more on them will lead to more happier experiences or moments.
  2. Smile and laugh regularly. One of the effects or outcomes of experiencing happiness is that we’ll smile or laugh more often. We don’t have to wait for something “good” to happen to smile or laugh. We can do that at any time, without any reason.
  3. Look for the good in situations. This is part of developing the mindset that happiness is generated from within. Even when things aren’t going the way we’d like, we can always find something that’s beneficial to us. We have to be willing to train ourselves to focus on what’s good.
  4. Let go of things that don’t matter. Most of the things we tend to be concerned or worried about aren’t important. We have to learn to put things in perspective and decide whether something is worth our attention and energy. A question we can ask is, “Is this thing, situation or experience going to move my life forward in any way?”
  5. Be kinder to yourself. We can generate emotions of frustration, anger, disappointment or sadness whenever our current reality doesn’t match our expectations. We have to be kinder to ourselves and focus on taking care of our needs. This may include forgiving ourselves for mistakes we’ve made, or for times when we’ve let ourselves down.


Happiness isn’t something we have to constantly pursue. It’s already within us. We just have to remind ourselves to be a person who can easily generate emotions of happiness.

If we focus on developing happy habits, we’ll experience happiness more often. If we don’t, we’ll continue doing things we believe will bring us happiness, which may not always be the case.

The message is simple. Happiness starts from within. The more focus and energy we give to who we are being, the better our chances of experiencing happiness.

Action Step: Take some time this week to reflect on the happy habits you currently have. Assess how you can apply these ideas to experience happiness more consistently.

Question: What are other happy habits that will change our outlook on life?

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